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1.16 Sword DPS equivalent to DPS of spear made of metal 2 tiers lower.


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The 1.16 update altered the sword attack animations to a much slower, but more realistic attack swing. The sword swing animation is now longer than a spear's thrust animation. The problem is, the damage of the sword was not buffed to offset this attack speed decrease.

As it stands now, a Steel Longsword (Attack Power -4.3hp, attack range 2.5m) is now doing less damage per second and has less attack range than a Black Bronze Spear (Attack Power -4hp, attack range 3.5m) due to these changes. This is not taking into account a spear's throw damage either.

As both swords and spears can be used with a shield without penalty, this change renders swords completely obsolete as a weapon type. It also makes combat against anything tougher than a Deep Drifter, even in full Steel Plate Armor with a Steel Longsword a risky proposition in 1v1. Against 2 or more Nightmare Drifters, this renders combat a near suicidal proposition, especially as both shield and torch/lantern cannot be equipped in the offhand simultaneously.

If you intend to keep these changes to sword attacks, please increase the damage of all swords by at least 50%. If not, please remove swords from the game entirely as they currently serve no purpose.

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