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Can't download the game.


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29 minutes ago, Tyron said:

Hey @AlgorithmicMind, sorry for the troubles. The forum and game account are currently separate. Upon purchase you should have received an email that contains a link for creating your game account and for downloading the game.

I've never received such a e-mail. Only one that lead me to the forum.

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@Tyron Nevermind.... paypal derped up.... sorry for the inconvenience...
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2 minutes ago, Tyron said:

Oh i see, i think you had a typo on your email address. It ended with @mail.com instead of @gmail.com. I've now corrected it and marked the purchase for resending. Let me know if it arrived now!

All good baby!!! Thank you for everything!!!BTW the speed of your reply to my problem was jaw-dropping!!!!

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Welcome to the forums!

Have you received your game key and set up your account? If yes: click on the blue "Client Area / Downloads" in the top right of this here forum, log in, and download from there.

If you have paid but not received your key:
- Some external payment providers are not instant, and can in fact take up to a full week to process. There is nothing the VS team can do about this. You must wait. Only Paypal is pretty much always instant.
- Check your spam folder.
- Make a support ticket (brown "Get Support" button in the top right). Be sure to include where you bought the key from, when you bought it, and with what payment option.
- If you do not get a response by the next day, hop on Discord and ask around for help.


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