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Im playing with friend on private server and after some time i figured three things:

One. We need more kitchen utensils.

Two. Compost making is really slow.

Three. Full vegetable cooked meals are bad. 

Before vegetarians start The Hate let me explain.

Apart from cabbages all other vegies have much lower satiation value than meat so they are disadvantageous in using hunger blocking mechanic compared to meat and if you want to go for longer trip you will need to take much more crooks with you. In conclusion they are less energy dense than meat and its ok in terms of each individual item because its much easier to farm huge amounts of vegies compared to meat but it limits choices for food in some situations.

So my proposition is adding a chopping board.

Chopping board is a functional block that can be placed on any full horizontal block surface or table and in item form hung on tool rack. After its placed as block you can "store" up to 6 or n*6(balance) vegies of one type (much like in crates). Once "stored" vegetables can be sliced using knife producing : 1 unit of vegetable slices and 1 unit of vegetable peelings for each individual vegetable on board.

Vegetable slices have slighly lower satiation value (by 10 / 15 / 20?) than full vegies but twice(or thrice) as much can be placed on each slot in claypot, that gives players a way to close the gap in energy density per meal between meat and vegetables but with cost of additional time used and some energy value overall. Slices decay as fast as raw meat. Also slices can be pickled but take half the time to do so and decay 25% faster afterwards.

Vegetable peelings can be used as animal feed (boars) or compost material they decay as fast or faster than berries.

If its to hard to make higher max stack size in claypot just for slices alternatively slices could be made from two or three units of vegetable keeping ratios in claypot unchanged.

As for chopping board it is entirely immersion oriented (slicing could be made in grid as well) so making it show what and how much vegetables are curently "stored" and adding a short player animation to cutting would work wonders here. 

Also you could add new metal tool more specifically kitchen knife, if so normal knife should either make worse slices (coarse) taking more satiation away , use more of its durability , taking more time to slice or any combination of those. While kitchen knife should be worse than normal one in every other task.

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I know i know and honestly its not the first time i though of something just to see you specifically make it into a mod XD also as a side note i think that Tyron made this game this easy to mod so he can "use" modders as testers for ideas(between other reasons). After all if you introduce something as a mod you are giving an example of how it can be made and what consequeces for gameplay it could have for him to look at for free. 

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18 minutes ago, setne550 said:

Perhaps using a knife on a carrot via crafting table to crate it.


Also speaking of carrot cake I was thinking of this: (and yes I do hope to see potatoes in game)


That reminds me of what in my area call a Shepard pie. The crust isn't always included top or bottom layer is mash potatoes, first or second layer toped with veggie-carrot slices, corn/meat/gravy mixture and topped with cheddar cheese. I am not a fan of blue cheese in or out of the game but I always thought it should crumble for salad or pasta topping or salad dressing.

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13 hours ago, setne550 said:

I would rater see potatoes be added in game, than had to rely on another mod... I can't enjoy carrots + meat without them.

I guess understand this only the terms of mods sometimes bring problems. Virtual food is virtual food to me. Its more of about the art I guess.

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