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i fell in a cave....

Alessandro De Col

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i was just walking to the ice continent as usual in serch for ores, when i just diverge a little from my usual path in the forest.

it was morning, i had a nice breackfast, and i started the game with my usual optimistic spirit! "today is the day i will find something for sure!" i just forge 4 new pickaxe, grab some meat and berries, 10 new freshmade torch and ofc my prospecting pcik ! lets go find something!..... and than,  i fell in a cave.

when i finally selected the torch to see where i was i just noticed some important things! i was almost dead... and there was like 7 drifters welcoming me. GREAT! but more importantly i've seen something news in the wall..something that is not copper or some othere DAMN "tool-level-3-requested" crap! and it was: Brown coal.... ok another day down to the toi...WAIT! whats NEAR the borwn coal?




....i cant still figure it out what i can do with lead... i tryed smelted with copper but i cant, so i created some lead bars to forge into something... but nothing. how can i mix the lead (i check the wiki..but honestly i dont really get what it was trying to tell me)... my real question is: what i can use the lead ore for?


and also: why wolfs damage havent beeen nerfed  yed?

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On 10/28/2018 at 6:41 AM, Alessandro De Col said:

how do i make an alloy? i tryed to smelt with copper in the crucible but i cant or was because copper wasnt the correct ingredient?

It is important to pay attention to the units of each ore.  Specifically cassitterite and gold, each piece of ore is only 12.5 units, not 25 like most every other ore.  And it's the units that need to be balanced.   In the future, I think the plan is to have several grades of ore, like TFC did, and then it will become more important yet.

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