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Syntax causing handbook crashing


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Baking is a relatively new feature and I think I've found an issue with the "bakingProperties" function. 

It appears that having an "initialCode" of more than one item makes the handbook freak out and crash when you try and pull up certain items.

For example, this causes a crash:

			"*-partbaked": {
				temp: 160,
				levelFrom: 0.25,
				levelTo: 0.5,
				startScaleY: 1.05,
				endScaleY: 1.10,
				resultCode: "expandedfoods:breadedball-{type}-cooked",
				initialCode: "expandedfoods:breadedball-{type}-{raw|oiled}",

While this does not:

			"*-cooked": {
				temp: 160,
				levelFrom: 0.5,
				levelTo: 0.75,
				startScaleY: 1.10,
				endScaleY: 1.10,
				resultCode: "expandedfoods:breadedball-{type}-charred",
				initialCode: "expandedfoods:breadedball-{type}-partbaked",

This is probably an oversight, but it would be nice if it could be addressed at some point. Raw breaded food and oiled breaded food both cook fine, this only affects the part-baked foods in the handbook when you try and look them up - so it's halfway there!

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