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Make crock label always face you when placing

Professor Dragon

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I enjoy seeing the crock labels.

However, unless you place them while facing north, you don't see the label.


My suggestion is that when placing a crock, the crock label should always be orientated facing the player.


Example, if you are facing east and place a crock down, then the crock should be orientated with the label on the west.


Thanks - that's it.


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32 minutes ago, Streetwind said:

Good news - this is already in for 1.17 :)

Source: a screenshot was posted on March 11th in the #devlog channel on Discord.



Thanks Streetwind.


This renders this 1.16.5 screenshot of my (temporal storm proof) base bolt hole, showing said crock, entirely superfluous


Aside from showing off the room, of course. 🙂



Crock Label faces south.png

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