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Can my potato play VS?


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I just came across this game and I am watching a Lets Play. I am wondering if my 10 year old potato will play it. I read the minimum hardware but I can't tell if it's more than I have. These are the specs, I added memory about 4 years ago, so I have 16 GB. Thanks for any advice! (edit: don't have the money to replace it right now)


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An i7 is more than enough. My i3 shows a little stutter, but that's largely because it's only 8 gig RAM. I swapped in more and the stutter was pretty much gone. I see very little difference between my i5 and my i7, though admittedly I do keep graphics to defaults mostly. I can make my i9 with an RTX 3080, SSD and 32 gigs lag if I crank everything to the max.

The hard drive might be an issue if you sprint all the time. So long as you stop every once in a while and let the mapgen catch up, you will be fine. If you, like me, run everywhere, you might want to update the hard drive or better yet add a SSD.

That should be fine, though you might want to play at defaults for a while and change settings to suit your preferences after a while. My guess is that at defaults, it will give great results.

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