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How many biomes?


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There are no 'biomes' in the minecraft sense.   Like TFC, Vintage Story use basically 3 factors to determine what an area looks like: landform, moisture, and latitude(temperature).  

Landform is the closest thing to biome.   You have flat landforms, hilly, mountainous, as the basics.  There's several detailed permutations of these such as tons of tiny ponds (swamp), stepped plateau hills, and some other stuff.   Landform determines what the terrain looks like.  

moisture and temperature govern the plants and animals that appear.  Hot and wet?   Jungle.   Hot and dry?  Desert or savanna.   Middle latitude is temperate, and northern will be lots of snow, ice, and pines. 

Basically it's a big sliding scale.  If you use the 'patchy' world-gen, then the rainfall and temperature maps are in illogical blobs next to one another, so you can have desert next to arctic.   If you use 'realistic climate bands', then you'll spawn in the temperate zone.   You'll have to travel 10-12k south to find true desert or tropics in that case, and so yes, the temperate zone will be more uniform, vs a patchy climate game.   hope that explains it well enough.

Hopefully the variety of results this system produces will evolve and improve over time.

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