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Asthetic & Mechanics Suggestions

Bean B. Beanie

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I thought it would be interesting for a few aesthetics and mechanics to be added to VS. I had a few ideas:

First-Person Body

This idea is as the name suggests: the ability to see your avatar's body in the first person, with the option to turn it on and off in the options menu. To be honest, I find it a little interesting to chop a tree down in first person in the morning, where my ax is simply moving up and down, whereas my shadow shows my avatar swinging his ax magnificently.

Another idea that could fit under this feature is eye-shielding -- the avatar would shield his/her eyes using their left hand from the sun if you look towards it.

Also, if the player is swimming near the surface of water, or wading in one block deep water, any light source (torch, oil lamp, etc.) in either hand will be held up higher. This is simply an aesthetic idea, just to make it seem as though the avatar is trying to keep the light dry and lit.


"Knockdown" would be when the player ragdolls, or just flies in a certain direction, landing on their back, front, or either side, depending on what knocked them over and from where. I got this idea after being attacked be a male big horn, and thought it would be interesting if they had a chance to knock you down. The player would automatically stand back up after being knocked down, doing so faster if you input any movement direction, or holding "Sprint".

Fatigue and resting

This idea has the player gradually get fatigued due to constant running around, fighting, and mining, digging, and felling trees. The more fatigued the player gets, the slower they will swing their weapon, tool, and run when sprinting. They would get hungry slightly faster, but could lessen their fatigue by sitting, eating comforting foods (i.e. cooked foods such as cooked meat), and sleeping -- with sleeping being the best at alleviating fatigue of the three. Fatigue could also be affected by climate/environment; running through a desert would cause the player to become fatigued much faster than a forest. Sitting near water (and water falls), flowers, fire pits, or furniture (like tables, chairs, or beds) would help slightly. If the player gets too fatigued, they could simply be prevented from working until they rest. If in multiplayer, players could gather together and sit together, allowing everyone nearby to have boost in fatigue reduction -- maybe like a +5% reduction by the group, with +1% per each individual person nearby, not counting the player's self; for example, if five people were sitting and resting together, each player would have a fatigue reduction bonus of +9%.

Clothing could have varying effects on fatigue, with some increasing it, and others reducing it. Soft, comfortable clothing (cloth and such) could help reduce fatigue; but hard, uncomfortable clothing (such as metal bracelets and armor, if implemented), raising fatigue.

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The first person thing you mention is actively being investigated to see what the best method is. 

I really like the eye-shielding idea but it would have to be automatic and for smooth transitions, it'd have to delay the animations of other actions. Whether that'd be immersive enough for players to enjoy or would just annoy them would have to be debated.

The swimming with torch idea would be really difficult to implement correctly.

I too like the idea of knockdown. If crawling is ever added to the game, perhaps knockdown will be as well.

I've also pondered a fatigue and resting system to motivate players in MP to synch up sleeping. It'd have to be designed and tested very well so it's unlikely to make it into the base game unless it becomes a popular mod.

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Great ideas, I particularly like the knockdown one and fatigue and resting as they would have more of an impact on gameplay although the other cosmetic ideas would be nice as well.


On 5/18/2019 at 4:47 PM, Stroam said:

I've also pondered a fatigue and resting system to motivate players in MP to synch up sleeping. It'd have to be designed and tested very well so it's unlikely to make it into the base game unless it becomes a popular mod.


I think his suggestion is more along the lines of a singleplayer environment. Perpetually not being able to rest to your maximum potential because you cannot sync everyone up in bed would be easily solved by making that an option for the server to set. If you play with a small group of friends, syncing sleeping to recover fully would make sense but on a more public server where that would be much more difficult to coordinate, perhaps only sitting for a period of time would be required to fully reduce your fatigue, or sleep in your bed for a few minutes, or sit next to a campfire. Optionally this could be made more or less difficult in a multiplayer environment by augmenting this with requirements such as needing a belly full of food for your sitting rest to be optimal and recover your fatigue 100%, etc.


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