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Panning question


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OK I panned 64 conglomerate gravel and this is what I got back:

48x conglomerate stone

24x native copper nuggets

20x flint

5x blue clay

4x quartz chunks

4x clear quartz chunks

3x flint arrowheads

3x copper arrowheads

2x sphalerite nuggets (zinc)

2x flint spearheads

1x copper spearhead

1x rusty gear

1x native gold nugget

So as you can see, panning can really pay off even early into the game, as well as give you items you may not be able to find yet (like gold or zinc). It took about 15 minutes to pan the stack of 64. I will be panning granite gravel next and will post my findings here as well. Also, since you have to be standing in water to do the panning, I recommend making a sort of panning station in or near where you live to be able to pan without getting attacked by those pesky drifters or wolves at night!

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