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How to Buy & Redeem?


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I'm really interested in buying the game, but I have no idea where to start. I have an account on the forum apparently, but I thought I was creating an account to make the actual purchase. I then found out they have the game on Humblebundle, so I want to make a purchase there. The problem is that I still don't understand how the redemption works. Apparently forum and purchase accounts are separate, so where do I go to make an account for the later part for when I get a key?

Could someone explain it to me like I'm five please?

Thanks! :)

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Hi @Rhyagelle

You can buy the game with with the account you just created. Here is the online shop: https://www.vintagestory.at/store/category/1-single-game-account/
Or yes, you can indeed also get the game on the humble store, through the humble widget or on itch.io

Once you made the purchase on any of these you get a specially prepared link that lets you create the game account and download the game. 

I hope that explains it, otherwise feel free to ask further.


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