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Chopping blocks, worms and other things


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I think there should be chopping blocks in the game for firewood, something like that would really fit the game for me and it would also be more realistic, though i think there should be 2 ways of making firewood; through grid crafting (wich yields 4 firewood) and through the chopping block (wich yields 6 firewood because its an appropriate workstation).

Also i think worms and other small, decorative animals(like butterflies) should be a good addition aswell, there will be worms you can collect and place into low/medium fertility dirt to make it go a tier up in fertility, worms are really important for plants since they make the soil softer and better in general.

Another thing, there should be traps for capturing/killing animals and i think that there should be cows for milk, and that would add another nutritional factor, wich is dairy.


Probably those things i just talked about won't ever get added into the game, but i wanted to voice my opinion :)


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The chopping block has been requested quite a bit of late. That would be a great project for a first time modder to take up and if done well could be incorporated into the base game. 

There's definitely been interest in different ways to improve fertility. This should be a topic onto its own.

Trapping and animal breeding is something that definitely interests @tony Liberatto who is the brainchild behind the neolithic mod. 

Thank you so much for sharing your opinion!

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