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can not get a good start

Rick Schmidt

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Simple: you're not walking far enough.

In this game you need to cover distance. This will come up again and again as you progress to higher levels of civilization/technology. Some resource is not going to be available where you have settled, and you need to look for it. Sometimes you will need to walk many thousands of blocks.

So get used to it. When you spawn into the game, just walk. Go see the world! Appreciate its beauty! Mark out nice spots for later. Live off the land while you look for your basic necessities. When I start a new world, I don't usually pick a place to settle down until after 3-4 days have passed. I just carry the bare minimum to be safe at night (a straw bed and a single inventory space dedicated to blocks I can build shelter with), and eat whatever berries and mushrooms I walk past. I don't even pick up the berry bushes then, or the wild crops, or anything else. Once I settled, I will grab whatever will be near the spot I picked.

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Yupp, the game world is massive and the resource distribution is built to encourage exploration.


Streetwind may be a bit on the extreme nomad side, but the general idea holds true.

Loose flint is everywhere, even in soft stone areas so just keep an open eye. Pop up the map and start heading for bodies of water. Not all, but most will have cattails soon enough.

Settling a starter base by day2-4 is perfectly fine. Look for clay and water combination, you can move in the other early game necessities.

Very important to rely more on marking waypoints than filling your very limited inventory at this stage

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