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A funny coincidence that kept scaring me


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The first two times I heard Hallowcroft come on, I was being stalked by a wolf or attacked by drifters.
For a while, I thought it was a danger theme, because well, it kinda sounds like one.
I got attacked by drifters one or two other times when it came on.
So every time I heard it, I assumed wolves were stalking me and I just couldn't see them, and it freaked me out.

Just wanted to share a little goof I had, hope it made someone snicker 😄

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My guess is that happens to a lot of people.


I know it happens to me.


There you are, minding your own business, in a completely safe, open  - yes, you've scanned around you many times - empty field, when "Blam!" - spooky music that has you checking all the empty spaces around  you again.

And it's ten times worse when you're walking through bushes or forest.


I'm pretty sure that's intentional, on the Devs. part.


But yes, I was expecting some type of correlation with danger, also. It would make sense for example that if you walked into a temporally unstable area, with Apocalyptic Rift level, and two wolves per hundred blocks that, yes, you'd sense that something was amiss and the game would cue the "spooky music" to start.

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My first encounter with a bell...

Descending a ladder to the bottom of a pit, heard the claxon go off and started looking around.  NO side caves whatsoever!  WTH???  Where's that dang bell at?  Keep looking around coz I know there's drifters and locusts being summoned.  Only none appear coz there's no place for them to spawn.  Figuring the bell is in a nearby blocked off cave I keep descending and the clarion calling of the bell fades as I descend until I hear the claxon of ANOTHER bell!!  And this time I can see the bottom to this deadly pit and the drifters and locusts gathering for the party.


The ogre men are still inside, the two-way mirror mountain
You gotta keep down right out of sight
You can't see in, but they can see out
"Ooh, keep a lookout"
Come tonight
Come to the ogre site
Come to the ogre battle fight
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