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Blackpowder and "Sapper" class.

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Ok haven't played much but with the game hitting the 1600s time of tech it is about time for black powder. While yes I know guns are a well low hanging fruit of weapon suggestions but blackpowder has so many more uses. For this reason I suggest A sapper class. these guys would be better with blackpowder weapons and and able to use explosives more effectively for mining, but this comes at a cost of being really bad at mining without explosives.


Along with that comes the following black powder items. Note all black powder items can be disabled with water, a flint lock will not work in the rain or when wet. Though a wheel lock will.




Info: a tall block tall, wall mounted bomb made out of iron or bronze fill with black powder and put a fuse in, bronze ones are highly likely to self destruct, while iron ones are less likely. When used will blow a whole in a single direction, good for slow mining or breaching something. Requires more sticks to set up again.


Pressure mine

info: a crude black powder mine, made of cast iron and filled with either gunpowder or a flamible paste, when stepped on a spark is caused resulting in an explosion or burst of flame.


powder fuse

Info: a line of blackpowder in a tube of wood designed as a fuse that can go any direction up, down, across the ground, its main use is setting off mining explosives or Petards from a safe distance.


Mining explosives

Ore blasting bombs, reinforced with wood and paper for a more confined explosive, these can be placed in a block and remotely lit with a fuse Will chain like ore blasting bombs, Unlike Ore blasting bombs have a smaller fixed detonation radius and drop rate wiht 95% and 30% instead of the normal ones 90 and 25. Unlike the ore blasting bomb ores can drop crystalized and gems but this is rarer then mining by hand unless a sapper lights them.




Hand cannon

info: the basic of basic guns, can be made with any metal and a stick, is just a tube with a hole in it, you fill with blasting powder and stick a rock in the other side, light with a torch and boom. It is inaccurate has less range then a bow and is highly likely to break after use if made of anything weaker then iron. but it does a lot of damage.


info: A bit more advanced then the hand cannon, though it is still just a tube with a fuse and a shot, this one has the "torch" part built in, just don't get it wet as you will have to replace the torch and the blasting powder instead of just the blasting powder.

Flint lock

info: first gun to require a crafted bullet as the others can just fire rocks, comes in two forms blunderbuss and rifle, Requires less blasting powder over all then either the hand cannon or Arquibus but also requires more time to make ammo. also flint needs replaced every 10 shots. blunderbuss can load rocks still but takes 4 rocks and fires 8 projectiles.

wheel lock

info: First gun that can get wet, though comes at the cost of reliability, like the flintlock requires crafted bullets, unlike the flintlock which has its flint on the outside the wheel lock has an internal mechanism that allows it to fire even when wet, the down side is it only has a 35% chance of firing each time you pull the trigger as the mechanism isn't reliable. Though if built by a watch maker that goes up to a 70% chance.

Cartridge rifle

The top tier of blasting powder weapons, the cartridge rifle takes cloth or bronze cartridge ammo, still single shot this one has none of the draw back of earlier weapons in the line but it does have a large time cost in you need blasting powder, bullets, bronze(or paper) for the rounds and a highly complex smelting process for the barrels. with out the right tools this is impossible to make.

This weapon has two types, shotgun, and rifle. both having their own ammo type to craft.



Jar grenade

info: a jar filled with blasting powder with a fuse on the end of it. explodes in the air if hits the ground or a creature just creates a small fireball, lighting the target on fire. has a 2 second fuse.


Iron grenade

info: a cast iron shell filled with blasting powder and a fuse, unlike the jar grenade can hit things and not become useless. explodes for moderate damage neither it nor the jar grenade do enough to destroy more then dirt like blocks.


Fragmentation Grenade

info: made with a mixture of steel and iron these grenades are designed to fragment on explosion. They are filled with blasting powder and have a special timed fuse, can be used in water unlike the jar and iron grenade.






"hand weapon mount"

All black powder weapons can be placed on a "mount" this allows them to be fired more accurately from a fixed position and speeds up reloading mounted weapons can't be moved as easily and tend to have fixed firing angles.



info: a large item, requiring time and cannon balls to craft, fires at a fixed range and angle, not really that useful in PvE situations.



info: a hand cannon, not for the hand, you can make it have a longer range and damage by increasing how long it is or wide it is, though the bigger it is the more iron it needs, and the longer it is the more blasting powder to fire.

note: do not use for hunting, you can't get meat if the animal is blown in half.


Thunder mug

info: a small mug filled with blasting powder and a bright material, when fired causes a streak of color in the sky and a loud noise. Spooks all passive mobs or animals in the area, useful for calling for help.





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This is a common suggestion, but the devs have stated that the base game will never implement firearms. And while people may of course change their opinion sometimes, you should consider the suggestion rejected until further notice.

More non-weapon uses of blackpowder might be considered, such as fireworks. But that'll probably go somewhere into the ten kilometer high stack of content addition ideas for later reference.


In the meantime, there is a mod adding a hand cannon and arquebus for your firearm needs. Doesn't look like it's up to date for 1.16.5 or 1.17.x, but I used it in 1.16.1 and it's quite faithful to real life.

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