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Ranged Weapons (Crossbow, Arquebus, Hand Cannon)

David Stark

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ModDB Entry

This mod adds additional ranged weapons to the game. It does this by more flexible ranged weapon code based on the original bow code of the game, which can be configured by item attributes.

I've also released the code on GitHub, so long-term, others can make their own ranged weapons based on it.

It currently adds three four new weapons: a crossbow, an arquebus, a hand cannon, and a blowpipe.



An easier to construct and weaker version of the bow.

However, it is possible to poison the blowpipe darts. Poison can be crafted from poisonous mushrooms or lily of the valley. Creatures struck by poison will slowly lose health over time. Note that drifters and locusts are immune to poison. Seraphs are not, though.

poisonmash.png.2bdd90b73114b4f1e2ee3c4bc701b6fb.png  craftpoison.png.4a478d33556cad8e853ec24000bba2e4.png

You can also make poisoned crossbow bolts and arrows for bows.



Unlike bows, crossbows stay loaded without you having to hold down the right mouse button, but they take much longer to load. Once loaded, hold down the right mouse button again to aim and fire. You also have to keep them in your hand to keep them loaded, because otherwise you could stash ten loaded crossbows in your hotbar!

They're crafted from a crossbow lath (the bow part), a trigger, twine, and a plank, and available in four levels of quality: composite, iron, meteoric iron, and steel.


They require crossbow bolts as ammunition, which are crafted much in the same way as arrows, but don't need feathers.



Like crossbows, arquebuses stay loaded, but only for a while before the match burns out. The match will also burn out if the arquebus is submerged or rained on too much.

They're crafted from a steel barrel, a trigger, and a plank for the stock.


And yes, they do a lot of damage! They require ammunition made from blasting powder, twine, and bullets. Bullets are made by casting, and are available in copper, bismuth, lead, silver, and gold - soft, heavy metals.


Hand Cannons


Much like an arquebus, but available much earlier, hand cannons can be made from a variety of materials from bronze to steel, with damage output depending on the material.

So yes, please try it out and let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for additional weapons.


Edited by David Stark
new poison crafting
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  • Fixed server/client desync causing early firing and the weapons becoming stuck in an unloadable state.
  • Can (probably) no longer pick fired bullets back up.
  • Game no longer crashes when you drop/throw a loaded weapon.

I hope you're enjoying the mod, and thank you for your feedback!

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  • David Stark changed the title to Ranged Weapons (Crossbow, Arquebus, Hand Cannon)


  • Fixed a spelling error
  • Prettier 3D model for crossbows
  • Added hand cannons, including both smithing and casting recipes for their barrels
  • Thanks to Maelbek for the 3D model for the hand cannon!


Casting a hand cannon in a mold.

Next up, I plan to look into adding atlatls and slings to give you new ways of throwing existing items.

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Added blowpipes and poison. Poisoned projectiles do a lot of damage but slowly over time, so you have to be tactical about their use. A poison dart will kill a hare after about a minute, so you can shoot it once and then track it and wait for it to die. Which is how poison blowpipes are actually used IRL.


Larger animals can also be brought down by repeated applications of poison and enough waiting, though of course the knowledge that that wolf is going to die of poison in two minutes is not much help if it's currently tearing your face off...

The update's been tested in single player and multiplayer, and is compatible with Primitive Survival by lightly altering its crafting recipes. Note that when applied to an existing world, it has to remap all your arrows to distinguish non-poisoned from poisoned ones.


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Newest update, 0.4.1, fixes the mess I introduced in 0.3 when I remapped all the arrows to new IDs. Normal arrows are now again normal arrows, which should help with mod compatibility.

Apart from that I have no immediate future plans for the mod, but let me know if you have requests / suggestions.

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Since matchlocks were more complex machanical devices than a crossbow trigger... have you considered adding one 'metal parts' to the recipe? I know they cannot be crafted, but they can be found through exploration. By the time a player has access to steel, chances are they'll have found a few.

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1 hour ago, Peter Sanderson said:

Do other mod makers have to add compatibility if they have new mobs? The poison does not work on the deer from Lichen, or the snakes and crabs of Primitive Survival

Yes, but I can add compatibility on my end for those mods and any others I'm aware of that add animals.

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1 hour ago, David Stark said:

Yes, but I can add compatibility on my end for those mods and any others I'm aware of that add animals.

This is good to hear...
We are looking at adding your Ranged Weapons mod to The Wilderlands server, and have a decent number of new critters that are about to be added via the Ethology mod. ;)

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10 hours ago, Thalius said:

Ethology mod.

Very cool! You can make animals poisonable by adding the behaviour "poisonable" to the server-side behaviours. Eg:

        file: "game:entities/land/chicken-hen",
        op: "add",
        path: "/server/behaviors/-",
        value: { code: "poisonable" }

I will have a look at the mod and add patches for the entities I find there.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Made compatible with v1.16+. Poison now uses the new liquids system, and a slightly different crafting method. Creatures added by the Dangerous Waters, Lichen, Primitive Survival, and Wolf Taming mods can now be poisoned.

Let me know if there are any issues, or if there are other animals from mods I should patch to be poisonable.

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Yes, all the new poisonous mushrooms can be used for making poisons. The way making poisons now work is a bit more complicated because of the switch to the liquids system, and the many more sources of poison. So it's done in two stages:

First you craft any poisonous plant or mushroom by itself to obtain poison mash:


Then you craft 6 poison mash, a lump of resin, and a bowl to get a bowl of arrow poison:


This process is also explained in the guide book.

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10 hours ago, Peter Sanderson said:

What would be needed to make this mod compatible with Bullseye? At the moment, it overrides Bullseye's new reticle.drift system and reverts it to vanilla for all of the bows.

So the way this mod works is that it actually replaces the class that bows use, changing it from ItemBow to ItemRangedWeapon. AFAIK, Bullseye uses harmony patching to change the way ItemBow works, which of course doesn't work in combination with this mod.

I will talk to the Bullseye dev and figure out what the best way to make things compatible would be. Probably one of:

  • Bullseye starts harmony patching ItemRangedWeapon too when it's available.
  • I incorporate the changes that Bullseye makes to ItemBow directly.

We'll see.

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