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New Seraph Voices Permanent?


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Just updated my game to 1.70, was surprised by the new voices. From the patch notes it seems like this is a permanent change?

I guess I can get used to it but it seems odd to me that now when you take fall damage or take a hit from starvation your character makes musical chirps. Is there still a way to toggle it off? Server command or world config?

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2 hours ago, Professor Dragon said:

Does the Settings, Sound, "New seraph voices" work for you?

I believe that setting was removed in 1.17 stable: 

  • Tweak: Removed 'new seraph voices' setting, they are now always on as I believe most are at a bearable quality now.
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1 hour ago, Laskuna said:

I pick really bad one, months ago, and now no option to change? My character sound like a creaking door 😖

There is command to change class, so maybe i can change my voice to more bass this way.


.charsel is the command to redesign you character and repick the instrument.

However honestly I did not much care for any of them unfortunately. I do not intend to be rude. This is a massive update with a lot of work in it but the sound just doesn't seem right to me compared to the human grunts etc

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I saw the other discussion about this in the thread about coords. So I guess I understand the reason there is no longer an option to opt out of this as its the direction the game is going.

Personally it seems counter to the realistic gritty nature of the game, I never minded that NPCs make those noises so maybe Im being too narrow to see it's place but the toots and fweeps come off less as vocalizations and more like cartoon sound effects. While it does make it harder to ignore hunger damage traveling to a food source while hearing that is an annoyance. Ive had friends watching my stream apologize and tell me they have to mute it because the noise is bothersome to them

It's their game and their choice though, so rather than demanding a change instead if I could offer a constructive criticism/suggestion I think the sounds could benefit from more variation depending on the event. As I mentioned when you fall or take damage it feels more like a sound effect than a vocalization so perhaps a shorter more guttural sounding toot paired loud cracking or thumping should be added in there as well.

This is how I feel, but I'm not a developer, so my suggestions may be ignorant and I apologize if i'm being that way.

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