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  1. If they had a common keyword i would suggest power
  2. sound intresting and a bit like the ancient warfare 2 mod from minecraft but more fleshed out
  3. Drago

    Mod portal

    A mod portal and integrated download/update from withing the game. Something along the lines of how factorio have done it. https://mods.factorio.com/
  4. Drago


    I saw a video on youtube from one of the original devs of terrafirmacraft still updates a TerrafirmaCraft+ mod where he implements all the features he wasn't able to during the time working on the original. The Video in question adds playable instruments and something like that would be awesome in vintage story
  5. i think the mod in question makes rivers and oceans "vanilla" so all water that goes into them vanish and they are still infinite
  6. Realisitc fluids is always fun to play around with and there was a minecraft mod that did that. Realistic Fluids Here is a clip someone did with it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-eYtiBse2E&feature=youtu.be
  7. TekTopia is a new mod that adds village/npc managment
  8. Some sort of seed (map seed) bound macanic like the mod intangible did in minecraft. This will change the game slightly each time someone plays. An example could be that you make bear with 2 potatoes and 1 carrot to get one effect on one map but on the next map you need 3 carrots and 1 potato to get the same effect
  9. As the title says a mod that adds village managment like minecolonies there is also mods like Millénaire and Ancient Warfare 2 that adds village/npc managment/building. Minecoloneies have a nifty scematics system build in and the npc are more or less automatic npc managment. Ancient Warfare 2 have research and more of a manual npc managment
  10. I have a (mild) issue with minecraft and vintage storages block system. And would like to make you consider a change (not as in a complete overhaul) A block of sand/dirt or gravel standing by itself is realy ugly so what i propose is that a block witout support (or not enuff support) would slide to the sides (not the whole block but part of it). An example would be insted of a block of sand it would be 12kg sand (in the form of 1 block) but if it is not supported it would split and slide so that the main block would be 4kg and each block around it would be 2 kg. This split would depend on the material. Like wet sand would be able to hold 8kg before it would split/slide. Some types of dirt would hold togeter better like sand with clay in it or with grass ontop would keep it's block form while dirt with sand in it would split more easily. (This could be the fertility) Then the shovels could take a kg of the block per swing depending on the material of the shovel and if a stat system is implemented the amount could be dependent on your str stat up to the maximum the shovel material could support
  11. This remind me partly of Minecraft: RotaryCraft
  12. A steam version when the game is close or at feature complete would be nice
  13. Hide items so that you cant get them (or prevent you from using them/change them to something else untill you have unlocked them) Disable recipies so you cant craft them If you look at the Minecraft: SevTech: Ages Modpack they do a great jobb doing a progression based modpack whe you just cant skipp stages and when you get to a specifig point you can get a easier recipe for thing that earlier was quite tidius to do
  14. Is there a way to disable and enable items and crafts while the game is running? So that you can make a quest or requirement like the mod Game Stages (and it's addons) does for minecraft
  15. the Dynamic Trees: Traverse Compat addon seams to add wider trees if you look at the second picture the tree on the left side seams to be a 2x2 tree if that helps
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