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  1. A nice perfect place where i built my house. after i activated "GodRays" i recognized this pretty beautiful sunrise! P.S. SORRY FOR THE HUD! i had to make it quick
  2. I know the game hosts a server ingame for singlepayer but... if this is possible: can i somehow increase the memory (RAM) usage so i can play my modded singleplayer better? Because: after short time it says on the top right corner: "host not responding: server overloaded or crashed" can i fix this somehow?
  3. Is it possible to play together with one account? I purchased it and want to play with my family members this amazing game. P.S. It is OK if not possible
  4. My in-game name is Sedrowow, I have some experience but I learn fast and know the basis and some advancements of the game
  5. You're right. Mechanical is as good as electricity...
  6. I heard you developers like Minecraft... So i thought: why not adding a redstone like system? it would make some things MAYBE easier. like automated farming, smithing, crafting, etc... it would be as great as minecraft itself! more creativity... Also to mention that i could be a bit different, more realistic, like: battery, lcd displays, and colored leds...
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