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  1. New version: 0.1.1 is available Change log: Can run offline Cache limit by size local images settings Images are replaced with [images not yet supported]
  2. New version: 0.1.0 is available Change log: version indication in settings few code optimizations
  3. I made Vintage Mod Manager first beta is ready so you can test it. Hope you like it. Manager uses our website for mod list. At the moment Website and Manager is Work in Progress state. Download: https://vs.aytour.ru/download 57,8MB/150MB download/unzipped size Github: https://github.com/VsModManager Discord server: https://discord.gg/BGNQWq2Vev "Original post" If any problem occurs please contact me. Change log:
  4. What a day Mod Manager is REA... First Release Candidate is open to public: https://vs.aytour.ru/download Github: https://github.com/VsModManager
  5. progress update: download delete upgrade/downgrade local cache (would be possible to disable later) search
  6. I got you. I want to make presets, but you give me an idea to make dynamic presets as well. Currently it can download/delete/update mods.
  7. App Developer: Aidan647 Site Developer: Traineratwot Discord: https://discord.gg/BGNQWq2Vev Site: https://vs.aytour.ru/ Download: https://vs.aytour.ru/download Github: https://github.com/VsModManager
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