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  1. New villages are popping up in the south! if you are new these are prime areas to start!
  2. Yep my server and the mods are up to date. I will double check and test on my other servers then try again if they work there.
  3. Oh so they aren't each one block variant?
  4. I think there is a way to make things have the quality of the materials given. I know of at least one modder that has a weapons mod where the sword's appearance (same sword) changes based on the materials used. I think a lite mod would be great! Reduce meat rack, bread varieties (ie fried rye bushmeat and fried flax bushmeat just would be fried breaded bushmeat), sushi varieties, etc and split off the juices into "Expanded Fluids."
  5. We can't even get O to open the skills menu. it's like the mod doesn't exist
  6. Is there REALLY a need to have 147 different meat racks? That is a lot of assets to load onto a server running mods.
  7. Just added chiselable glass to the server and instruments! Already have a huge assortment of .abc files so come start a band on your adventures!
  8. But you could combine all the doughs together into a bread dough and all the sushi into 1 or 2 models. a lite form of the mod so to speak
  9. Hey Ardele, I am the owner of the RabbitTech server. I think you will find the server right up your alley. The server is based in US central but even our 10ish Australian players report zero lag. We have a good amount of players on at all times of day or night so there is always someone during your preferred time slot of playing. Our server is built specifically to cater to any kind of player and we have nine themed spawns created by the community of various themes. As far as the mature community, the average age of our players is about 40 and you won't find a nicer group of people (even surpr
  10. @Rhonen Isn't that what compatibility lib is for?
  11. RabbitTech's Easter event has begun! Come hunt some eggs and hang out with us! Eggs! More eggs!
  12. A new shooting range has been built in our East spawn!
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