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  1. Made it easier for new players to find our spawn hub and localized our new player rules and information in 6 different languages!
  2. I really questioned if this mod would be usable on my server when I first saw it, it is an amazing mod and @ZigTheHedgehas proven to be a joy to talk to when I am bugging them about any of their mods!
  3. Fancy Doors mod is very fun to play with. A gate made by @Dythanos:
  4. Yep we have a number of secret passageways on our server
  5. Still tons of resources for new players, come take a look!
  6. Server updated to 1.14.8 and we added an exclusive creative server for RabbitTech members to access last week!
  7. Sadly no, we have a lot of mods in the works that take priority it is a piece of a much bigger mod/modpack we are working on.
  8. Updated several mods and added the Lichen mod by @Lich!
  9. @Lich My server runs it, can confirm it works in 1.14.7
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