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  1. The idea for this server is to offer a family safe and fun place to play VintageStory. We now have 4 servers to attend to all tastes. They have different rules and content: Default Darkagecraft: Moded PVE The server is only used to host Vintage Story. The Darkagecraft PVE Moded Server at darkagecraft.net The Darkagecraft Vanilla, with the latest stable game version at darkagecraft.net:42423 The Darkagecraft Creative, again with the latest stable version at darkagecraft.net:42422 The Darkagecraft Dominions, a Moded PVP server at darkagecraft.net:42424
  2. Sometimes the tribe would get lucky and kill big prey close by. That's when you would have that common scene in movies of the hunters on the way back to the tribe with the animal tied to lances and carried by 2 hunters. Most of the times that would not be the case. Going around in the forest with a bleeding dead animal is not wise. Primitive hunters actually immediately carry the prey to the nearest body of water. In order that's what they would do: Make some fires around to help scary predators. Open the animal and separate the parts they need. remove the hid
  3. At this point, I think this is not a suggestion, it is more a discussion about how it should be implemented and how soon. The soon is easy. Yesterday. the how, can offer some different possibilities. Sometimes it bothered me the automatic corner of Vanilla Minecraft. In some situations, I wanted to do something different and had a hard time. Maybe have different recipes for right and left side.
  4. [Mod Edit] Moved discussion from https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/301-client-cheat-free-client-side-chat-commands-v020/ On my desktop, I have my C drive in a small Solid State Drive and 4 x 4 TB Hard Drive in Raid mode. That's my Drive D. I always keep all the Data in the D drive and reserve the C Drive just for the Operating system and essential software. It actually bothers me how more and more games nowadays keep inserting data into the appdata folder. No option for the player there. When I noticed Ark Survival evolved had already used almost 50 GB of my C D
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