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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll be sure to do this on the next release of the pack!
  2. Hey! I was curious as to what you did to find the different attributes for the character traits. Such as "forageDropRate" and "rustyGearDropRate." Did you find these in the game's JSON files, or is there a place where they are all listed? Any info would be a big help, thanks!
  3. Mintphonix Version 1.5 Just released! A new version of the Mintphonix modpack has been released, now compatible with Vintage Story version 1.14.8. Let me know of issues you have, feel free to reply to this post. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I made a video showing off the beauty of Vintage Story. I began making an intro for my series on YouTube but ended up getting distracted, so I made this. Hope you'll like it! This video was created and published by me. I take all credit for its production. Feel free to share and let me know what you think
  5. Yup, having the same issue on my server! Same thing, too. Placing any block causes the client to crash, though the server is fine. Hoping to get this fixed, we really love your mod!
  6. Mintphonix Modpack Mintphonix is a Vintage Story server focused on community and working together. Ran by both Volphox and Draven, it's community is growing and getting better each week. We love seeing such amazing and friendly people join us as we simply enjoy one of our favorite games together. If you would like to join our amazing community, feel free to join the Discord and request to join in the #server-join-requests channel! Discord: https://discord.gg/CpeceaMKmr This is the modpack used on the Mintphonix server, a whitelisted server dedicated to having a large, frien
  7. Hello! I'm having some issues with the Trade'o'rug. When I right click or shift right click, nothing happens. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I absolutely love how it looks so I'm excited to use it! Thanks!
  8. This mod was designed for use on a server with emphasis on trade and community. It simply adds a recipe that allows players to exchange either one temporal gear for five rusty gears or five rusty gears for one temporal gear. If you'd like the change the amount that is exchanged, you can edit the mod's recipe directly [CurrencyExchange_V1.0/assets/currencyexchange/recipes/grid/] From there you go edit the quantity in order to change the amount that should be exchanged. I'd like to add a way to configure it much easier in another release, but for now this should do. Sorry about that! Note:
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