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  1. Welcome to Resurgence! Focused around the Collaborative Classes mod by CaptainOats, Resurgence encourages players to work together and build a community. Collaborative Classes completely revamps the game's classes, adding certain items that only a specific class can create. Doing this enforces trading and cooperation between fellow server mates. The modpack also includes XSkills, which goes hand-in-hand with Collaborative Classes. With this mod, players can further engage themselves in their professions, or even double up! With these mods, including many others, we've created something that is fit for bringing together a community. Official Mintphonix Discord server - > https://discord.gg/sZv4hjg2Cz Mod List Modpack Versions Resurgence v1.0 Resurgence_v1.0.zip
  2. Introduction: "In a Single Day" "In a fleeting moment, they accepted their fate. With wide eyes, the residence of Minton watched as the city they once knew was destroyed by an endless barrage of meteors. Now, the old buildings sit still, rotting away as the life they once had was vigorously ripped from their structures. The whistling of the wind, the creaks of decaying wood, and an eerie silence fills each building. In a single day, Minton was no more." Trailer (Premiering June 9th, 6:00PM CST): Features Vanilla Plus The server focuses on keeping gameplay close to the way it was designed, meaning all mods will feel more like expansions to the game, rather than cluttering it with new content. World Size The world will be shrunk down to 50K x 50K, that way there's plenty of space to spread out, though players can still easily cooperate (establishing trade, proper roads, building a town). Longer Days, 30 Day Months The length of days will be set to 60 minutes, meaning each month is 30 hours of gameplay. While this seems like a lot, it still goes by quickly with multiple active members on the server. We do this to keep members from logging out during summer and logging back in when it's winter. Story For added immersion, the server members are free to suggest where the story goes next. Continuing from our original idea for the server, our members can work together to shape the world's lore. If you love immersion and story, you'll love our server. Discord The server has a Discord that's tied into Volphox's channels, that way members can communicate and keep up with new videos and streams which take place on the server. Not only that, but if members have channels of their own and they make content on the server, they're free to share it to a community of 60+ members. The server serves as a central place for all members to chat freely. Our Community Mintphonix: Resurgence is the continuation of the Mintphonix server, which follows a loose story created by its members. The server focuses on working together as a community and continuing to add lore to the world. The story will be told throughout a series of videos made on the server, much like the one above. As we transition to the newest update, certain mods will not be available right away. This time around, we're keeping the total amount of mods lower. We're hoping to give the server a "Vanilla Plus" experience. History Mintphonix was started by Volphox as a place for him and his friends to play together on stream. However, the server quickly picked up as more viewers wanted to become members on the server. This led to Mintphonix opening up more as new members wanted to join. In the end, the server was up to 20 active community members. This time around, we're keeping the server size a bit smaller and focusing on having more active members. Join Us! If you'd like to be a part of our amazing, growing community, consider applying for the server by joining the Discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/9MYHGjfvZ3 Currently, the server is still under construction as we wait for the new 1.15 update for Vintage Story to be released. Applying now will get you added to the waitlist. If you are a content creator, I welcome you to apply.
  3. Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll be sure to do this on the next release of the pack!
  4. Hey! I was curious as to what you did to find the different attributes for the character traits. Such as "forageDropRate" and "rustyGearDropRate." Did you find these in the game's JSON files, or is there a place where they are all listed? Any info would be a big help, thanks!
  5. Mintphonix Version 1.5 Just released! A new version of the Mintphonix modpack has been released, now compatible with Vintage Story version 1.14.8. Let me know of issues you have, feel free to reply to this post. Hope you enjoy!
  6. I made a video showing off the beauty of Vintage Story. I began making an intro for my series on YouTube but ended up getting distracted, so I made this. Hope you'll like it! This video was created and published by me. I take all credit for its production. Feel free to share and let me know what you think
  7. Yup, having the same issue on my server! Same thing, too. Placing any block causes the client to crash, though the server is fine. Hoping to get this fixed, we really love your mod!
  8. Mintphonix Modpack Mintphonix is a Vintage Story server focused on community and working together. Ran by both Volphox and Draven, it's community is growing and getting better each week. We love seeing such amazing and friendly people join us as we simply enjoy one of our favorite games together. If you would like to join our amazing community, feel free to join the Discord and request to join in the #server-join-requests channel! Discord: https://discord.gg/CpeceaMKmr This is the modpack used on the Mintphonix server, a whitelisted server dedicated to having a large, friendly community. The server is heavily modded so I decided to release a modpack so new and existing players will have an easier time getting the mods needed to join. However, it is by no means required that you join the server to play it. Note: This modpack is no longer maintained. Vintage Story Launcher Polraudio Zion's Vintage Story launcher is now compatible with the 1.5 modpack update. The pack is now integrated with it, including a description and proper pack icon. You can check out the page for the launcher here. Complete List of Mods (Needs Updated) *NOTE: ALL MODS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS, I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE MODS LISTED ABOVE. LOOK BELOW FOR A LIST OF CREATORS. Modpack Updates Version 1.5 Version 1.4 Version 1.3
  9. Hello! I'm having some issues with the Trade'o'rug. When I right click or shift right click, nothing happens. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I absolutely love how it looks so I'm excited to use it! Thanks!
  10. This mod was designed for use on a server with emphasis on trade and community. It simply adds a recipe that allows players to exchange either one temporal gear for five rusty gears or five rusty gears for one temporal gear. If you'd like the change the amount that is exchanged, you can edit the mod's recipe directly [CurrencyExchange_V1.0/assets/currencyexchange/recipes/grid/] From there you go edit the quantity in order to change the amount that should be exchanged. I'd like to add a way to configure it much easier in another release, but for now this should do. Sorry about that! Note: This is my first mod and, though it is small, I did enjoy making it! I'm excited to try out larger projects in the future! CurrencyExchange_V1.0.zip
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