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  1. That sounds like a bit of a .NET Framework thing though. Windows Server 2008 isn't officially supported by Microsoft any longer, so I'm not too worried about that. It's probably a good indicator that it's time to upgrade your OS too.
  2. Glad to hear that! I have no idea how you guys figured it out based on that error message, but sweet.
  3. I'm assuming you don't see the message [Notification] vschatbot: connected to discord and ready! before that error? In that case, is your configuration actually correct? Also, I think a race condition can occur here if your network is too slow in comparison to server startup, the VS server itself will attempt to send a 'ready' message to Discord before the bot has actually connected. Anyways, I added a simple check so it just discards the message at that point. Will be included in the next release.
  4. The data gets saved in %appdata%\VintagestoryData\ModData on a per world basis. I added the suggestion as a future todo.
  5. Hey Sypher, I haven't had any requests for this sort of functionality, so I just added this on a whim last time when releasing. So there is only that one replacement.
  6. It should work for 1.13.4, yep. I'll add it to my list. It wouldn't be a quick change to make, but it's probably a really good idea. I'm thinking I can make .pi still force toggle, while making the propick equip toggle if .pi was not used.
  7. Updated the OP with some more information about the commands that the bot makes available. I don't believe I've mentioned these anywhere except for people asking directly. It still works with v1.14.2 Still interested in hearing about feedback and feature requests. We have only encountered the bot becoming sort of unstable, once, on the RabbitTech server, but a simple restart of the server fixed it. I've seen it running on a few servers, and so far I haven't heard of any bugs encountered. The two posters from above never got back to me, so I'm not sure if they managed to fix their issues.
  8. VSProspectorInfo This mod takes the results from your prospecting pick attempts and stores the results automatically, on the appropriate chunk in the world map. This makes it a lot easier to dig for local peaks of ores, generally just prospecting whenever you're out spelunking and gives you visual aid as to where you have prospected before. This mod is a fork of P3t3rix's original mod, ProspectorInfo, from here, so all credit to him for the original idea of the mod and the original code! I merely forked it, fixed it for v1.14.2 and added some new features. The mod is purely clie
  9. Hey, glad to hear it works for you! I'm not entirely sure what you're asking though? I can't think of anything that only happens every x seconds, could you elaborate a little bit on what that might be? I'm not entirely sure what it is you want made configurable. Hit me up on Discord at Capsup#8250 and we can try to debug it together, if you're interested. It works for others.
  10. VSChatBot Here's a Discord Bot for those of you who want to engage your community more by allowing them to see what goes on in-game, all from the safety of their favourite chat application, Discord! I've been developing it in cooperation with the awesome community of RabbitTech, so a big shout-out to those guys (especially TechRabbit himself) for dealing with the silly bugs and giving feedback. Features Send text messages from the General chat in-game, directly to a discord channel Send messages from the same Discord channel, directly to the General chat in-game
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