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  1. Put a large gear on the clock face to simulate hands and give the build some extra motion.
  2. A chunkloader cart would also work. it could be fed temporal gears to keep it balanced.
  3. Minecarts with towing tracks would be handy on the surface for the bulk movement of goods between towns. Think a endless loop of carts with hoppers at every station. You put items in and they fall into the hopper in the other town. And if we ever get logic pins we could tell the cart what hopper to drop the item into. By logic pins I mean little bits that jut out the side of the cart and touch a mechanical linkage on the station side. If the bits match the hopper opens. But for that to work we would first need a chunkloader item.
  4. It also uses a database to store it's voxels. But it has a system known as sleeping chunks where if a chunk remains unedited for a long time it will compress it to save space. It uses its own claim system to control what chunks are asleep and active. And it's world passively change somewhat like vintage stories. https://play.eco/
  5. The second one acts a bit like the shadow beasts from don't starve.
  6. It could be a large 4x4 cooking pot that would be able to mass produce a meal recipe. But it would be a fuel hog and would take over a day to run.
  7. Could we have some Hellenic style armor and clothes for the copper and bronze age?
  8. Your crosshair shifts so much during an attack you hit off to the side of what you are pointing at. Vintage Story 2020-12-09 00-06-30_Trim.mp4
  9. Tool heads should be able to be melted back down. Metal tools should also break into a handful of nuggets rather then vanishing entirely. And split bits of metal from forging should be recovered too.
  10. The way minecraft does it is by having the stairs hitbox be shaped like a ramp. If the hitbox was two ramps one for each step it may move cleaner then the current system we have now. Here are pictures of the current way you move up stairs and the new way I propose.
  11. It's very clunky having to go to a website to find a hex code for the color your want.
  12. The games ancients have a steampunk look to them so it would fit right in.
  13. I'm talking about a much more risky player built portal system using ancient parts. It would take you too another world entirely that would have a movement multiplication effect like the nether.
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