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    Map questions

    Thank you very much this explains a lot of my confusion.
  2. Ukhata

    Map questions

    I hav ea few questions i couldnt find about the world(map) 1: the world is normally 1 million by 1 million blocks and you usually start in de the middle right? 2: Default distance between the poles and the equator is 100.000 blocks right? 3: if both 1 and 2 are true, then are there like 5 poles and 5 equators? 4: and do we start on a pole or an equator since we starts at 0.0 (or 500.000 by 500.000)? 5: how does changing the poles and equator distance to having 1 equator and 2 poles work? and if you do would you start on the equator? thank you for your insights.
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