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  1. Found a mod incompatibility, the Salvager skill functionality overwrites the Temporal Hacker mod locust butchering and its loot table.
  2. There seems to be an incompatibility with XSkills, which prevents you from harvesting locust corpses. Edit: Using the XSkills locust harvesting skill properly (with a hammer) seems to use a separate looting table.
  3. Can you clarify that the 'Greenhouses always work' is in-fact a part of the recent update? I can not get it working alone (with compatLib1.2.1) or in a modpack. The rest of the mod works fine, I am unable to grow rice in the polar region (as the test-case to make sure it's working).
  4. I seem to have trouble changing the configs for a server, sometimes I can get a change to stick, but I am unable to disable any skills so far. I want to disable recycler as I am using a farmland drop mod instead. I have tried stopping the server, changing configs, and starting the server; I have also tried changing the configs while the server is active and restarting it. IDK how I got the previous change (no points or cooldown for unlearning) to stick, it just seemed to happen randomly. Is there a specific sequence that I need to preform to make a change to the configs persist and ac
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