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  1. Thanks for checking. Right, so it keeps every single copy of the assembly in memory. You'd have to be careful when debugging then, because I believe that any already-created object would still use the old assembly it originated from, which could lead to a very wild mix of behaviors.
  2. Thanks for the in-depth insight @ApacheTech. I hope the messy codebase doesn't end up slowing development to a crawl through bug explosion as features pile up, or forcing a major months-long refactor. The OnUninstall method sounds like a great idea that should be introduced sooner than later. As far as the remapping command goes, it seems pretty limited? IIUC you have to map each missing ID to a unique valid ID. But if you had built, say, Lichen tents with their various blocks and just want them to disappear and be replaced by air i.e. all by the same ID, it doesn't sound easy?
  3. Interesting! Is the game's runtime able to unload assemblies? Or do you end up with multiple copies of the game mod loaded (which sounds problematic)? I know standard .NET Framework can't do it, and the ability was in development for .NET Core last I checked, but looking at the game files the game might be using Mono, whose ability to unload assemblies I'm not sure about.
  4. Thanks for the info. At this point I'm thinking that regenerating a brand new world with the desired settings and the same seed, and switching temporarily to creative mode to recreate our base might be an easier solution. If any dev is reading this, it would be appreciated if you guys could complete the wiki pages I linked above, or confirm that the value can't be changed at runtime if that's the case (but I'd be surprised, given you can change so much other stuff in world gen). A command to list or export the list of all worldconfig variables would also be very useful.
  5. I'd like to increase the ore density in my existing Survival world to match the ore density in Exploration settings. I assume it must be possible with the /worldconfig command, but the corresponding value is not listed in the wiki: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands/worldconfig Does anyone know the correct value, and is there an exhaustive list somewhere (at least in the game's public source code portion, I assume?) Once that's done, I'd like to delete or regenerate every chunk on the map except the one(s) our home base is on - we've already exp
  6. Some mad math genius already explored pretty thorougly in 2016 how to deal with the deformation of blocks caused by a round Minecraft-like world, as well as how to wrap N/S and E/S edges, making the world a torus (a sphere covered with a grid of uniform squares is unfortunately impossible... a mind-blowing problem when you think about it). He even implemented the whole thing in Minetest! You could download it on their forums and check it out. Some people are also making cubic planets with 6 flat faces... probably easier if you can handle the gravity switch. All th
  7. Ahhh, yeah. It would explain why we literally exited the base through the only possible single-block-wide access (we had a roof, walls, and the only open side was over a 4-block-high cliff) and walked a few blocks away, and when we came back to our base shortly after a wolf was inside waiting to destroy us. Do you have any short-term plan to prevent this kind of thing from happening? Frustration was running high in our group. I have a few suggestions to tackle this, in order of increasing complexity: Digging or building on the exact spot of the spawn point destroys it (better than n
  8. Thanks for your input. What I'm suggesting is pretty much keeping the current map, but covering it with a black shroud that clears in a rather small radius around you. Just like you see in the section I timestamped in the video below. It's pretty much standard Minecraft map behavior. I'm all for a more complex mapping system one day, having to build your own map by identifying landmarks might be interesting if the right balance between realism and fun is found, but I wouldn't put a high value or priority on it until we have a more fleshed-out world with oceans, and especially, more refine
  9. Agreed. I'm curious to know whether this is the kind of thing that could be modded in cleanly and in a highly compatible fashion within the constraints of the current modding API btw?
  10. I was surprised to see that you start the game with a huge area revealed on the map in this game and that chunks incredibly far from you get added to the map as you explore. I think there's a lot of charm in uncovering the map little by little, it bolsters the feeling of exploration. Hope this can be implemented. The map as it works now also makes ruins and some other types of location super-easy to spot BTW. I find it a lot more interesting to find things by spotting them in the distance when wandering around than having their existence "spoiled" by a map.
  11. On my small 3-player server, we find communication difficult because the map doesn't show our respective location if we get too far from each other. Along the same lines, we'd really like to see each other's waypoints (at least the ones we'd elect to share) so we can mark interesting locations for the benefit of the group. (This could perhaps be tied to the in-game Groups feature so it scales to servers with more players and/or PvP.)
  12. Thanks for the tip. Kind of a "high-tech" one though, since we haven't even found any clay and were too busy getting destroyed by wolves to make any progress towards this. Also, am I wrong or this would light protect from drifters, but not wolves because the latter spawn in broad daylight? Thanks for taking the time to write those detailed tips, much appreciated. I'm cool with the "building defenses" part and the danger overall - it's somewhat realistic (though wolves are not THAT feral unless hungry AFAIK) and I like the challenge. Having to work around the spawning mec
  13. Playing with my buddies, we had this basic base set up, a dirt platform with a roof, pretty high up on a cliff face. Our campfire was there as well as storage baskets. But this happened to be a wolf-spawning region, and one spawned right on the platform itself! We pretty much had to abandon the region as we couldn't even create a secure location. Later on, we had a base with a basic drawbridge like setup so you had to jump over a deep trench to get into the base. However, a Drifter spawned right in the base, a mere five blocks behind me. We had a fire or two, but I guess that entrance blo
  14. It would be very interesting to have herds of sheep that need to graze, and you have to change locations every season to find better pastures - head to the mountain in the summer like shepherds do to this day in France. The dogs are essential as protectors and guides for the herd in this scenario. It would be an interesting and different lifestyle in-game than settling down and growing vegetables and doing everything else in one place... at the very least you need to have multiple bases to switch between.
  15. (Moving my post here since it got zero replies in the Vintarian forum.) Hi! Having recently bought the game, I'm starting a small coop server for my friends. Part of the setup is deciding which mods to use - I considered using none, but I think I want at least Primitive Survival and the Gravemod. However, do I have to pick a list and stick to it (really hard when I know we won't get to test some parts of those mods before having invested dozens of hours in our world), or is it possible to add or remove mods mid-game without destroying the savegame? Some posts on the forum had me worr
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