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  1. Rai'jin

    Rocker Box

    I see. don't really like the electricity part, but yeah i guess its the similiar to what i desire.
  2. Rai'jin

    Rocker Box

    Yeah i mean that would be great. Some advanced Tool making that whole panning thing faster. even if you still have do to it manually, but can pan a whole Block or half a Block in the same time and with less klicks. There should be something. Or some mechanical Box you have to refill with the pan or some other Tool constantly, but still is faster, would be great too. Like the big Hammer. It does it's thing if there's wind, but to work with it you still have to be there.
  3. Rai'jin

    Rocker Box

    yeah you have a pount there. It's still annoying thought Just gimme that damn rocker box
  4. Rai'jin

    Rocker Box

    1. Isn't really an argument for me I know what you mean but still. It would fit quite good and panning is....annoying It is some quality of life content and i think if you achieved mechanical power you usually won't need panning anymore, would be nice though. But i'm also aware that there is more important stuff to do, just you know suggesting. 2. I looked several times but i didn't find anything like that.
  5. So i just stumbled over this translation thing and i'd really love to support and help. Can anyone explain how exactly this thing works ? I just tested it in for the Fruit pie in the german translation since i'm a nativ speaker. I just don't want to screw something up. So if there is something to pay attention to please let me know.
  6. Rai'jin

    Rocker Box

    I feel like there should be a rocker box using mechanical power or something like that in the later game like bronze or iron age, maybe even copper since you have to achieve mechanical power first. Inventing a mechanical hammer but still panning ourselfs feels kinda weird. I guess droprates would have to be adjusted with this automated panning, but yeah like the idea of panning is still reasonable in the later ages. A crafting recipe could be similar to the other mechanical stuff something including a hammer, chisel, wood, resin, fat and some metal lamellae. The machine could be 2x2x1 blocks and have to be placed in water.
  7. my worst expirience was loosing all of my Leatherbackpacks and knowing I will never ever get them back. I dont even wear my steelchain amor at home cause it was such an effort to make those damn chains, I wear a linen one when i'm at home so dont wear it out taking dmg form a goat or something Debuffs would be a good thing i guess. not to harsh so you just die right again as newbee but so you have a reason to actually want to live. I think there could also be more food types or some other ways to be healthy so to loose this hp bonus could be a real loss. even worse than its now.
  8. I Agree to the need of multiple spawnpoints, like 3 slots or something you could set with gears. But i don't think the drop rate should be increased. got like 2 chests full of this things. I think there should be some quality of life content instead. Like Mounts, Livestock, easy buildable bases, that keep you safe during the night, some palisades or something, killing attacking drifters. There would be a need for some activity during those nights in the camp though. On the way cooking, fishing maybe. Or some not too easy craftable tent that lets you sleep wuite some hours. In my opinion you should still have to prepare a bigger Trip, but i agree thats travel in gerneral should be more easy. A nomadic lifestyle is charming yes, but it should be still really challenging. Maybe there should be some changeable setting for spawn near friends. then everyone is happy i guess
  9. I really love some forrest area with a pond nearby. Its kinda a real life dream so yeah
  10. Thats really a nice idea. There should be definitely more possible uses for those gears. I got those on mass and dont know what to do with them. ^^
  11. Rai'jin


    I really feel the need for horses, since you may need to travel quite a bit to find certain resources.Or even just for faster traveling. There really should be horses. I would also ride a damn domesticated goat just let me travel faster
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