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  1. My ingame name is: Gianma23 I'm 18 and I'm from Italy, I used to play a lot one year ago, but then I stopped due to school and other problem; now I'll enjoy to re-enter this server to see what has changed
  2. It would be usefull a command to replace one or more blocks in the selected area with other blocks. For example in minecraft we exist: /we replace (replaced block) (replacing block).
  3. E quando usi il temporal gear devi tenere premuto il tasto destro, attenzione che ti setta lo spawn dove guardi e non dove sei
  4. Gianma23


    you can, you just have to do the command: /waypoint add (color) (name) , or you can see al your waypoints with: /waypoint list, and delete one with: /waypoint remove (num of waypoint that you can see in waypoint list)
  5. After about 10 hours of creative build, I came up with some tips about world edit. I think it's a lot better than minecraft WE, it's more intuitive and easy to use; however, something missing like a way to remote mark an area like minecraft, because mark the start and end point only with your current position takes so much time. Also a command to decide the percentages of the blocks of a brush will be usefull, for example, you can set a ball brush with 40%dirt and 60%rock; personally I use this command in minecraft to make trees leaves, making balls with 60% air and 40% leaves. And at least, a way to put a block under your feet, so if you want to do something in the sky you don't have to do a pillar.
  6. Gianma23

    Vintage Mansion

    I will appreciate some tips for the dome...I want to put an enormous tree inside of it.
  7. Gianma23

    Chalk Fountain

    Just a chalk fountain with bush
  8. Some books should be enough to explain to the player what to do, however i agree with you Tyron, I think stay half an hour on the wiki because you can't do something can get boring, and worst of all get killed by a monster or a wolf when you're on the wiki. This game doesn't have to be like minecraft with a million of crafting in the NEI/JEI, also a tutorial book would be appreciated by the player who start to play, so they don't feel lost in the world.
  9. The atmosphere is perfect, you feel always relaxed, also the night if there aren't any wolves ?
  10. It would be usefull if there was a book with crafting, or some information about animals like an encyclopedia, who tells you the HP, if it's aggressive or not and something like that; obviously it should has to be crafted because it not contains essentials information without which you can't play. For me, I felt lost when I started to play, I didn't know what to do except cut off trees and pick flint from the ground...however I opened the wiki and I looked for some crafting...but I think some kind of craftings' book ingame will improve the gameplay, so you don't have to open the wiki every time you don't know how to do something and in this way you can feel really into the game. However...the game is so cool!
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