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Increase Temporal Stability With A Command?

Aoi Kasai
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Is there a command to increase temporal stability? I don’t want to cheat, but I also don’t want to die so many times until I can find enough drifters. 
This is my first play through, so I’m not entirely familiar with the game. I didn’t know it would go down on it’s own, and I set the world so that it won’t spawn drifters until 5 days in, and I’m on day 3. I’m currently losing health because it’s at 5%. 
I figure I can use giveitem to give myself gears to increase it, but is there an easier way?

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@Aoi Kasai Temporal stability depends on where you are.

Some areas have naturally high stability. If you spend time there, your stability will increase.
Some areas have naturally low stability. If you spend time there, your stability will decrease.

Building a base in an unstable area is a very common beginner mistake, as new players won't know how it works.

You will likely have to pack up everything you own and move somewhere else, a place where you see the gear in the lower middle of the screen spin clockwise.

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There are a lot of areas far from the deep places where you can recover stability quite quickly. Also, because of how the rift system works, I find its a good idea to make more than one "base" within running distance.

Keep in mind where the bad stability areas are. No idea if it's coincidence, but I often find decent caverns there.

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