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[v1.10 pre4+] Doors & Windows+


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Began as practice project for me to get used to the json format modding.

You need atleast v1.10 pre 4 since the Doors were patched there.

Its more of a of a esthetic mod, some stuff is not craftable e.g Vintage and Framed glass stuff, you have to get it from creative mode.

Contents: About 240 Window Variants(Would have been 480 with all ores ingame), 4 Generic Doors, 60 Glassdoor Variants, 6 Dye's to color glass, 1 mold for metal windows and 1 for metal bars, mortar to enable dye crafting and metalbars to imprision bad ppl ^.^

For Crafting Recipe's look in the Handbook.
In order to craft windows from metal you have to create the mold to craft 4 frames at once.
4 frames and a glass result in 4 windows.
Ever wanted to craft yourself a golden cage? Now you can do so.
Known Issues: Single placed windows and bars are always rotated East-West if there is no block to connect.
                           No recipe for Door with metal bars.
V1.1.0: Added mold to be able to craft metal bars.
V1.1.2: fixed up some namings and sound issues.
If you find any bugs you can keep them ! jk feel free to report i will do my best to correct it.
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I don't understand what 1.10 pre4 is? Is that a version of VS that is not available to the public yet? I looked at the releases, and they only have up to 1.9.14 released on the forums. I am missing the context that would explain what you mean. I don't have access, or knowledge of anything that is not already available on the forum for everyone to have access to.

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I know this mod is pretty old and all, but it's causing some weird incompatibilities with Workbench Expansion, where whenever we make the expanded workbench it appears fine until we place it, at which point it makes a 2x1 "game:block-unknown" item instead of the workbench. Getting rid of this mod alleviates the error.
Any chance we could get an updated version or something? One that has more craftable recipes so it's a bit more usable in survival? I quite like the models and wanna use them. 

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