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Early Devonian Seas

Sour Slurpy

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This is maybe too much of a shower thought but I thought it may be fitting with the somewhat anachronistic setting, and weird temporal shenanigans, plus, it'll just add a little flavor!
I know people probably suggest constantly there be more aquatic life, that's not what this is, I know that will happen eventually, I just had an idea for it when it does.

The Idea:

Instead of adding what may be the more typical variety of fish and crustaceans I think it would be really neat to base the ocean life off of early Devonian period life (maybe some later stuff in there too!) having a lush variety of placoderms, sea scorpions, strange jawless fish, and all sorts of primitive mollusks like ammonites to choose from!
There would also be a good amount of coral and primitive plants to decorate the sea with.


ok so, if I'm being honest, I've got little to offer other than "it would be neat" but I do have some other reasons.

  • Artistic interpretation:
    A lot of these creatures are up to a good amount of speculation and with that there's a good opening for some real creativity in how they're designed, and plus, I'm not suggesting it be scientifically accurate, but rather more it just inspired by it, borrowing elements from said time.
  • Intrigue and discovery:
    It will add some real mystery and fear to waters without adding too much danger, a lot of the creatures from this time would not have been able to really hurt a person too much (this would be helpful in not making the water too much of a hazard), but in appearance would have been more than enough to elicit fear from someone or be of great intrigue while exploring, and with the amount of weird and alien creatures you could hide some made up flora and fauna in there as well and have them fit right in!
  • Grounded fantasy:
    Like I said a lot of these creatures are really quite strange looking and by extent I think it's a really good way to add a more fantastical element while still having it based off of something that really existed in real life, making it a little more immersive than if they were all just made up.
  • More anachronism:
    To me (I don't wanna imply I know what the intent of the games world is) Vintage Story has this cool feeling of anachronism in how it presents itself, it kinda feels like you're in a mixture of all sorts of time periods, and there's a weird sense of unease and wonder in that, so I think adding another weird anachronistic quality could really add to that.
  • Somewhat educational:
    I also think it'd be a neat addition given I feel like when it comes to the prehistoric, not many people are aware of much other than the Dinosaurs and such, I think it could help foster some more interest in an earlier point in history, when there was barely anything leaving the water, and a whole alien world beneath the waves.

Here's some not at all scientific sketches I did for the idea.... that's all!


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