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Land Claim Suggestion(s)


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     Instead of having to type commands such as /land claim new, how about a stick we can drop on the ground that gets consumed when it is consumed once it is placed, drop 2 Stakes. Stake 1 will be issuing the command /land claim start while Stake 2 issues the command /land claim end. After both have been placed, it drops an Unsigned Land Deed that must be 'consumed' which issues the command /land claim add & then presents a prompt asking you what you would like to call your land. After you have typed in the land name, it performs the /land claim save (under the name you wanted to call your new land). This then presents a parchment showing the in-game date/time, the coordinates established for Start/End, and the deed number provided to the player. To delete the claim, one just needs to use a knife on the Signed Land Deed to issue the /land claim free command because the information stored within that deed should contain all one needs to discern what 'slot' the land claim was saved to which can be recalled by an array that contains each land claim information. This way, it is kind of more realistic and less command oriented on the surface. 

     This could also give rise to players being able to sell land plots if the game's programmers want to add to this simple mechanic by allowing anyone with the deed in hand to effectively create a resigning stamp that can be combined and then allow anyone who purchases said deed to input their name and then gain the land -- this land would then be marked on the map. An additional feature could be interesting if one wants to further implement finding a deed by finding them on skeleton bodies or at graves sights -- make it into a treasure map and have one consume the treasure map at said location which could turn into a land deed... 

     Either way, what do you all think of what I mentioned in my first paragraph? If you have better ideas, please do add them because we need to eliminate the player having to perform / commands for the land claim and instead make it item-oriented within the game so as not to distract from the game's immersion.

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This is a unique idea. I actually like it a lot. Would be much more immersive for players and possibly easier to understand / manage. I constantly get questions about land claiming and how it works on our MP server. 

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bumping this topic

7 steps currently to make a claim

/land claim new
/land claim start (at a diagonal of the border)
/land claim end (at the other diagonal of the border)
/land claim grow down 10 (or however many you need for basement)
/land claim grow up 20 (or so for your house)
/land claim add
/land claim save NAME


I mean there is flexibility but if a shorthand form could be had that allowed naming (claim/default user name?) and marking diagonal corners at some default depth/height (that could be edited later).  all wrapped up with a single command that added and saved the name.  QOL? :)


and/or having a claiming tool that with one tap, would claim a 10x10 square, just so things could be protected real quick in that square?

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Could easily be done by two stakes, @UnderTow. Post them on opposite diagonals of the right parallelepiped (there's probably a word for a shoebox shape, but I don't know what it is) that you want to claim. Alternatively you could simply claim planar rectangles, allowing you to adjust the size of the claim each level your tower ascends, if desired.

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You could use concept and ideas from a game I know called Haven and Hearth, they use claims as a interesting 'system' to claim land using totems and these claims has 'power' that needs maintenance through rituals and sacrifice and stuff.

Timestamp at 1:33

They have 'personal claim' and 'community claims' (for towns and such), and these have different systems altogether... So in a sense you can have personal claims inside a community one. Claims used in H&H works alongside it's crime system, and committing crimes will create 'scents' for players to 'track' the criminal, and scents can be hidden if the person committing is is high enough level to work against players with high perception... But in most cases they 'hide' their characters inside vaults anyways so people can't track their base and stash.

Do note that this game is a sort of permadeath-openPVP-MMORPG of sorts...

It has little to no handholding and there's some downsides to the toxic community and such. But the game is a unique sort of niche where you could draw some ideas from.


I used to play this game with my programmer friend and his own friends, we used to have active settlements and stuff and were playing peacefully with the survival aspect... But it always gets ruined when people use bots and macro to cheat their way to having overpowered characters and stuff... Also the devs were in on it in a way. LOL.

When I said their community was toxic, I mean it.

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