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v1.18.9/1.18.10 - Stable Idle Server RAM Saver


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.18.9, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

[Edit:] Also released 1.18.10 to fix an issue with the installers and removed a untested fix.

Screenshot by Galejro, shared in #screenshots on Discord

Game updates

  • New since 1.18.9-rc.1
    • Tweak: Minor held item info tweaks. (Removed Light absorption info, added clutter notice to clutter block)
    • Fixed: Should fix a rare crash with lightning strikes in creative worlds
    • Fixed: Support beam placement derp when used on chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: Rafts sinking while moving (caused by the speed changes in 1.18.9-rc.1)
    • Fixed: All liquids in container no longer halftransparent
    • Fixed: Not able to read current value via /worldconfig if its one created via /worldconfigcreate
  • Feature: Game servers can now be launched in standby mode (via command line argument -s). In this mode the server is ready to accept connections from clients, but has not launched yet. As soon as the first connection attempt is made, full server launch commences. This allows server owners to launch servers with very low RAM usage until the first player connects - tests show a 20-fold reduction in RAM usage (557 MB -> 25 MB). This can be used in conjunction with the "Players last online" counter of the /stats command to auto-shutdown idle servers and restart them in standby mode. During standby mode, only the commands /stop and /stats are available.
  • Feature: Added new world config to define the despawn time of items dropped on death - only affects those dropped on death, not other dropped items. Can also use /worldconfig droppedItemsTimer command and specifying the time in seconds
  • Tweak: Increased raft speed by 33%
  • Tweak: Windows Installer: Add option to install .NET 7.0 (if not already present)
  • Fixed: Pies in water crashing the game (#3041, thanks Dmitry221060)
  • Fixed: More farmland moisture level oddities
  • Fixed: Weird visual artifacts in the foliage tinting during certain times of year
  • Fixed: --port arg not applying to master server advertising
  • Fixed: Massive lag spikes when loading or searching in the public servers list
  • Fixed: Rare game crash due to a 3rd party dependency not installed on the system (#3028)
  • Fixed: Other players crashing when a player cancels during world load (thanks Dmitry221060)
  • Fixed: Rare crashes on Ubuntu v22.04 (including crashes for clients, if the server was running that version of Linux) #2999, #3009, thanks to all who investigated the issues

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Fruit juice looked better with less transparency. Also seems to be invisible when in bowls (at least in inventory, didn't try placing down.)

Edit: It's only while they're in inventory.

Edit II: Looks like blueberry juice isn't affected at all?

Edited by Bumber
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4 hours ago, Pkthtguy said:



Had this a few times,Also having issues with connecting to Lan servers in the same house hold :)

It's not a problem of your network.

But the update file should be in the given location and you can install it manually.

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