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Hay as mulch to provide a moisture bonus, implemented the same way as the "slow fertilizers"


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I believe that would add educational value to the nice agriculture system we already have, and be a fun optional game mechanic. Those who do permaculture IRL will agree.

Right-clicking farmland with a dry grass item in hand should apply a layer of hay to it, providing a small moisture bonus (say 10%) and arguably a few percents of nitrogen. It would have an overlay texture similar to what is found in the `Vintagestory\assets\survival\textures\block\soil\fertilizer` folder, except it would be a bit fuller on the first stages, maybe slightly 3D. The moisture bonus would decay the same way slow fertilizers decay.

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Heres an example of a garden I built by only spreading organic matter like forest litter, grass clippings and fallen leaves directly onto my yard and it grews into a beautiful veggie garden without any maintenance as long as it rains once or twice a month.



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