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Rifts in Multiplayer Need Rework


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I don't know how it works, I just know it's really annoying. Especially starting out.
I didn't have a rift when I set up a base, but now, there's like 2 or 3 that spawn regularly around it.
And every night or day sometimes, this annoying "feature" gets in the way of me getting anything done (for HOURS of my lifetime) at best. Recently, I went AFK for 15 minutes standing in my house to go get food in RL. There was no rift activity when I walked away, but not only was I dead upon return with drifters in my house, but all my stuff was gone.

We need a way to destroy these rifts that just pop up. Maybe a fairly easy to make altar where we can make an offering or prayer.
Or maybe some way to just set it on fire.  SOMEthing to block this incredibly annoying mechanism.
It's such a COOL and spooky concept, but it doesn't work. It needs restructuring to have some reason to seek OUT rifts and they should be fixed in the world, not follow the player wherever they happen to be.

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Light up your house, and the area around it. Rifts cannot spawn above a certain light level - and even if a rift is already there, drifters cannot spawn above a certain light level either. Note that oil lamps are worse at spawn prevention than you think. Use lanterns - or failing that, torches. So what if they burn out every so often? They're practically free in unlimited quantities.

...And the whole going AFK in a non-pausing multiplayer game with periodic monster waves, when you could have logged out instead? Yeah, sorry, but that's entirely on you. :D


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