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Is Tule supposed to be a better source of thatch?


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4 hours ago, Retsof90 said:

Am i missing something?

Yes... the patch notes :)

From 1.19.0:

  • Feature: Added new Tule plant beside lakes (usually spawning in different places from Cattails, more common around high altitude lakes). These drop thatch. Thatch roofing can be made from thatch or dry grass in this version; in the future thatch roofing may be craftable from thatch only.

Note that this may not necessarily happen; the dev team can change their minds. But it's the current plan.

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You need the same amount of grass and thatch for a given roofing block, and they both take the same amount of time and tool durability to harvest, so they are pretty much equal as building materials (at least for roofing).

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