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Sugrstions for new animals and possible uses


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Id like to give a few ideas one animals to possibly add and interesting uses for them


1- Ocapi - it would be interesting to have ocapis in the forested areas, using them as a mount would be an fun


2- Horses/equines- horses, mules, donkeys and maybe even zebras might be an inevitability to be added as mounts at some point but it would be useful to be able to use animal labour, using them in the mills or to hoe large fields and so on


3- cammelids- having cammels, dromedaries, llamas and alpacas is an interesting idea not only as mounts but also because particularly camels are used to wool and milk so it would have many utilities. A cool possible sistem would be to make them follow eache other when walking in a line (similar to how caravan travel with camel, the other block game also made such sistem with their alpacas back then)


4- giraffes- having giraffes as mounts or maybe with a possible use as a ladder type of thing (by climbing the neck)


5- elephants- having elephant to use as something like a tractor to cut trees or as weapons against drifters as well as mounts and pack animal would be useful


6- large predators- in VS there really are only 3 predators to take care of, bears, wolves and hyena. Although some might disagree i think having something like big cats added into the game might raise the sense of man vs wild


7- marsuppials- adding kangooros, tasmanian devil, possums and such could be interesting to diversify the roster of huntable animals, the devils could behave like more aggressive foxes and the kangooro as more aggressive sheep


8- rhino- having a very aggressive animal that can kill you in 1 hit and can also destroy rudimentary blocks (sand, gravel, and maybe unstable rocks) would be an interesting challange, if one is skilled enough to domesticate one they can behave like how rhinos born in captivity (a giant lap dog)


9- reptiles- komodo dragons, alligators, monitor lizards and constrictor snakes could make for challenging foes. The monitor lizards might try to kill your chickens and rabbits, the alligators will try to bring you to the water to drown and the snakes could restrict your movement while also giving a damage debuff to you (after killing the alligator you could use its hide for armor)


10- sharks- having just some danger in the open sea as you can never be too careful


11-capybara- docile and adorable but also good food source


12-cow- who doesnt like a good stake and cheese made from cow milk, could also be used in labour in mills, hoeing the fields and in a cow cart

There might be more intetesting animals with fun uses to add but thats the ones i thought at the moment


What do you think and what other animals would be fun to add?

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Avians and sea-life (all kinds - shell fish, waterborn mammals, large and small fish, predator and prey, jellyfish, etc).

Patience.  It's coming.  when I joined in 1.14 version there was a lot less wildlife, like only 7; one of which was a predator.

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On 2/26/2024 at 1:58 AM, Stejer said:

12-cow- who doesnt like a good stake and cheese made from cow milk, could also be used in labour in mills, hoeing the fields and in a cow cart

What does a Cow add that isn't already in, existent animals could also be used for those tasks than mere adding a cow for sake of having a bovine, same with a horse. Horses are so over used in a transport role, add Equines but make them a hostile force like Rusthorses that drifters ride or something. 

Megafauna inspired creatures ~ plenty of Marsupials in that lot for variance that can fill roles of Large predators

Swap Rhino for Hippo and you may be onto something

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