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Easy and cheap killbox / bunker


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This is a Guide on how to build an easy and cheap killbox / bunker (I designed it myself).

You are required to at least have access to copper tools already.

(I´m not really experienced at posting stuff online and English is also not my main language, so please correct me if I make any mistakes)


Building Materials

You´ll need:

  • ~ a Stack of any solid building blocks
  • 9 slabs of any kind
  • 4 stairs of any kind
  • 4 ladders of any kind
  • 36 trapdoors
  • 4 doors (1*2 of any kind)
  • 1 dry grass
  • 4 firewood
  • a bucket of water
  • some storage (any storage will work)



You´ll need:

  • a hammer
  • a chisel
  • a shovel (for digging dirt)
  • an axe for breaking misplaced trapdoors and doors
  • tools for breaking the building materials (in case you misplace them)


Building it


  1. First, dig a 9*9*3 hole (you may need to flatten the terrain around it).
    (the packed dirt is just for illustration)
  2. Build a fire pit in the middle.
  3. Fill the corners with water (on the with packed dirt marked spots).
  4. Place ladders in all four corners (exactly like in the picture below).
  5. Build a 5*5 ring out of the building block you´ve chosen at the same height level as the terrain around the pit.
  6. Replace 4 of the building blocks with stairs (like in the image).
  7. Fill in the empty space with slabs (facing downward).
  8. Carve of a layer of the middle slab using the 4*4*4 chisel brush.
  9. Carve a hole into the middle using the 4*4*4 chisel brush.
  10. Carve of parts of the inner edge using the 2*2*2 chisel brush.
  11. You need to place trapdoors (it will make drifters and other think that they can walk onto that space).
    First, place two parallel rows of trapdoors, which face sideways from the trapdoors (so you don´t get stuck on them).
  12. Add two more parallel rows.
  13. Place trapdoors at the stairs, each facing the stair they´re placed at.
  14. Fold down the trapdoors.
  15. Place doors on each of the stairs.
  16. Build a 2 block high wall out of the building block you´ve chosen.
  17. Build a roof out of the building block you´ve chosen.
  18. Add storage.
  19. Add necessities.
  20. You´re done building it! Now it´s ready to use!


How to use it

Just get in when the temporal storm starts and fuel up the campfire (through the hole).

To cut up the drifters corpses, sit down right next to the hole and cut them up (through the hole).
You can also use it catch wolfs and bears and cook!


That´s it!

Please leave a review if you have any questions or issues.

Edited by Chickon_20
I finished it!
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