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i'm new. i like the game. my question is; how many acres of wood is needed to cook a single meal? so far i have loaded two five block high stacks of firewood into the fire and still have not cooked my first meal.

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To cook the meal you need fill at least two position with same amount of ingredients and recipe must shown up. If doesn´t show, it´s wrong.. and you aren´t able to cook this meal no matter how many firewoods you put there.





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All it did in that case was keep you warm, assuming you were standing somewhere close to it. It's the bit @DejFidOFF underlined that is important.

(BTW, good job explaining that, @DejFidOFF. Back when I had the same problem figuring it out, I was trying to parse the text several people posted to figure out what they meant. In retrospect it was easy, but your pictures would have made all the difference to me.)

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13 hours ago, cuddycaverns said:

well, the little box with the flames coming off of it was active. i deleted the game and am trying again  on another map

Ooh, sad. I hope you know now. And will enjoying The game. 

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