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v1.19.5 - YABATP stable


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Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
v1.19.5, a stable release, is now available to download through the account manager.

This is likely the last major bugfix patch for 1.19 - just yesterday I have asked our coding team to begin prioritizing tasks for the upcoming 1.20 update that revolves around the second main story event. This part of the story will involve a lot of travel and consequently will require new systems and experiences to make traveling more engaging.

Screenshot by MannyXIII, shared on Discord #screenshots

All game updates since v1.19.4

  • Revert: 20% mining speed debuff on Rock has been undone. The other debuffs remain
  • Tweak: More first person hands animation tuning
    • Tweak: Adjusted animation for raising your temporal stability
    • Tweak: Bucket now visually stays level when selected
    • Tweak: Improved watering can ready animation
    • Tweak: Adjusted impact and sound frame for smithing
    • Tweak: Watering animation with a watering can now looks better
    • Fixed: Freezing animation no longer continues indefinitely
    • Fixed: Animation Jitter on axehit. Experimental. Might break stuff
    • Fixed: Ready pose for shovel fixed again
  • Tweak: Buffed warmth on reindeer herder coats and boots
  • Tweak: When selecting any language in Interface settings, the restart server and community translations messages are immediately localised
  • Tweak: Linux and macOS users, selecting an Asian language or Arabic, are given a warning message (in English) to check their fonts
  • Fixed: Various potential crashes if packets received or threads still ticking during client shutdown; should fix modded multiplayer server connection issues
  • Fixed: Trader wandering off while trading
  • Fixed: Angry bees not stinging the player
  • Fixed: Boars with offspring attacking even when game settings place creatures on passive mode
  • Fixed: Bighorn sheep (and some deer) still had wrong step heights in 1.19.4
  • Fixed: Topsoil grass re-growth did not match original worldgen grass
  • Fixed: Item transfer between inventories using mouse was not logged to server-audit.txt, chute placement is now also audit logged, to counter item siphoning
  • Fixed: Fixed curd bundles abusable as infinitely lasting food storage. Remove curd bundle from creative inventory because these are now always empty
  • Fixed: Shapeless recipes not consuming ingredients if spread out with only one per slot, e.g. wooden path
  • Fixed: In Homo Sapiens game mode (or others where lore content is off) locust nests would still spawn
  • Fixed: Torches would not start fires in leaves, grass etc. with Shift+right click
  • Fixed: Bug in creature pathfinding system that prevented them to walk towards their intended goal
  • Fixed: Properly fix crashes / texture atlas overflow related to labeled crates
  • Fixed: Dyes very chunky looking when inside barrels
  • Fixed: Peanuts and Olives not visible in meals
  • Fixed: Distant tule were colored white-ish
  • Fixed: Multiple smithing and player animation issues
    • Smithing not registering hits sometimes. Action/Sound not in sync with animation
    • Smithing hit action sometimes executing twice
    • Some player animations stopping too early, causing jerky movement (e.g. left mouse with hammer)
    • Some left-mouse actions sometimes looping the animation multiple times
    • Other players' animations no longer running
  • Fixed: Iron anvil merging derp and hammering sound not playing
  • Fixed: Ore map generators no longer seed-deterministic since 1.18.8 upon game restart
  • Fixed: Mobs dropping Jonas parts (e.g. Double-headed Drifter) and random loot in chests could repeat a sequence, now truly random
  • Fixed: Occasional visible worldgen anomalies if worldgen multithreaded and a Translocator is spawned
  • Fixed: Jonas lamps, Gas lamps and Banners were not repairable with glue
  • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves were missing the same glue-repairing mechanism as other clutter
  • Fixed: Clutter bookshelves names not localized in repair chat messages
  • Fixed: various handbook and block HUD info issues:
    • Aged version of Antler mounts missing from handbook and Creative inventory
    • Falx handbook entry showing mining speed for wood and leaves, when it cannot break either
    • Purpleheart and Ebony tree logs block HUD info incorrectly stated they were breakable with Stone axe
    • Incorrect help tip on wooden pan [GitHub report #3680]
  • Fixed: Various crashes and logged errors
    • Rare crash when typing during drunken effect
    • Rare startup crash when logging off while sitting (sitting in-game!)
    • Version 1.19.4 crash if pies were placed on clutter tables
    • Very rare crash involving a pot of jam on the point of turning rotten
    • Crash when clicking on a food container while holding a bowl containing Rot
    • Rare but long-standing crash when clay-forming [GitHub #3713 #2284]
    • Very rare crash when chiseling in multiplayer [GitHub #3688]
    • /kick command crashing a dedicated server if no kick reason given
    • Renderer crashing if a dropped item has an id which has been removed from the game (e.g. because a mod was removed)
    • Further attempt to fix very rare crash with EntityItem; added additional debug logging
    • Exception when executing the /stop command immediately after joining a singleplayer world
    • Potential crash with shields if no space for texture etc (GitHub issue 3598)
    • Very rare exception issue logged to file, related to axles
    • Plant container error if the container block does not exist, for example when a mod was removed
    • Shader compile error on Intel internal graphics
  • Fixed: Font issues when switching language to Thai, Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional)
  • Fixed: /gm sp command not setting player to spectator mode
  • Fixed: Movespeed command not working: /player [player] movespeed [amount]
  • Fixed: Worldconfig allowLandClaiming not being respected when using /land commands
  • Fixed: WorldEdit mirror functionality issue with chiseled blocks
  • Fixed: WorldEdit control "Cloud Y Position" not working for some languages like German
  • Api Tweak: Items/Blocks can now define an attribute "inBarrelShape" to determine their shape inside a barrel
  • Api Tweak: Don't crash on invalid GroundStack
  • Api Fixed: WorldAPI RegionMapSizeX would return a size off by one since game version 1.12.9. Affected methods are MapRegionIndex2D, MapRegionPosFromIndex2D, MapRegionIndex2DByBlockPos
  • Api Fixed: Chatcommands with multiple `WithPreCondition` or a pre-condition and `RequiresPlayer` would over-write each other. Now all pre-conditions are checked and if one pre-condition returns EnumCommandStatus.Error it won't process the command further.

Changes since v1.19.5-rc.3

  • Tweak: Updated community translations
  • Fixed: Very minor memory leak in the worldmap, ore map layer
  • Fixed: Game crashing when smithing on the last point of hammer durability
  • Fixed: Endless knifing animation on dead animal harvesting when turning away from the animal

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Question: Some buddies and I are looking to get back into VS, and if we build a world and get things going, will we be able to enjoy the changed in 1.20 without having to start over/lose progress?

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6 hours ago, Raukx said:

Question: Some buddies and I are looking to get back into VS, and if we build a world and get things going, will we be able to enjoy the changed in 1.20 without having to start over/lose progress?

Much like in previous updates the game will stay compatible with old world saves, but new content might not generate or only generate in new chunks.

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And as well as mods potentially. This is where hopefully the mod authors update their amazing mods to work with the latest version.

Thanks for continuing to develop VS. I appreciate it, even though it's all these years later. The game is amazing!

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A travel-focused update is great news in my book. Exploring is something I enjoy immensely, yet a nomadic lifestyle is not very well supported by the game at the moment.

I haven't been following updates very closely. Did anything get done to fix wolves and the like spawning on your head and/or being so goddamn aggressive? Last time I tried the game with my group, we got quite frustrated by the inability to build a base where we'd be secure from wolves, the only solution was to settle outside any kind of forest. The game seemed to have two settings, "impossibly hard" or "laughably easy", with nothing in between... at least in terms of mobs.

Perhaps you can use the travel focus as an excuse to make animals travel as well. And that would mean giving them purpose. The most sedentary would just move between their lair (the place they'd be most aggressive around), and eating/hunting grounds and watering holes. Others might migrate. It would be quite majestic to see a flock of migrating geese or a herd of travelling buffalo. Scratch that, it would be friggin' amazing and would push the game far beyond the kind of Minecraft-style "toy world" we're still stuck with. It would feel like the world has a life of its own and would invite you to watch in awe.

Plus, from the practical side, you could even travel alongside a pack of buffalo or similar animals for a while. Provided you don't provoke them, they might act as a deterrent for other, more unpleasant wildlife.

Another travel-related thing is cave exploration. Compared to Minecraft, I've found it a bit unpleasant in VS, because you have less nice scenery (Minecraft caves with both water and lava falls are hard to beat, as well as their new lush caves) and you constantly get harassed by mobs. I think recent updates have introduced more variation in mob density? But anyways, that something to consider. Letting the player have a cool underground exploration experience that feels more like Jules Vernes' Journey to the Center of the Earth than constant tower defense would be a net plus for the game. A sense of danger and occasional tough fights are both fine, but constant harassment by spam mobs which push you to exploit the building mechanics doesn't do much for the atmosphere of the game.

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