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Weapon Racks


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We already have tool racks, but what if we had weapon racks?
A special rack designed to only hold one weapon to be used as a display piece.
You could hang your favourite falx above a mantle, or proudly display your ruined battle axe.

I just thought this was a cool idea, and always wanted something like this to hang my weapon collection up on my walls. :) 

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7 hours ago, ArgentLuna said:

Use a tool rack and cope that you cant turn it sideways

I suppose you could do this, but it would not be very aesthetically pleasing for something that is meant to be shown off as a display item. I know tool racks exist and serve a purpose very similar to this, but they are for practicality, not for decoration.

I was just suggesting something that I thought could be a cool feature that I would love to use in my builds. I do understand if it may seem impractical to some, but I think it could be a nice little decorative piece, like how you can hang antlers on mounts. Just something to show off a collectable item. :) 


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