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vintage story liveblog from a seasoned player of the long dark and project zomboid


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howdy, y'all!! i'm very new to this game, but i've seen a few youtube videos on the game, and god DAMN does the front page of this website make some amazing promises and claims. super excited to try this game out, will be updating this thread periodically with my gameplay experiences, whether that be clips or screenshots!!

oh, for short, if you think cr1mson is too much somehow, just call me V ❤️

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three hours in and this game has absolutely SHOCKED me with how in depth and beautiful it seems. currently struggling through the pottery age right now, but i absolutely love the challenge it gives me!!

here's my little base so far, made out of a bunch of packed dirt LOL

also for anyone curious, i had a run-in with a grizzly in the forest just west of me (between the two hills near the right side of the horizon.) scared the actual shit out of me 😭 that's why my health is at like half LOL


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Simple HUD is a wildly popular one.  I'm kinda surprised it isn't in your list already.
Step Up not included?  That's a huge QoL one that removes jumping for climbing over one block elevation changes
Fancy Sky is another one that simply beautifies the sky in dazzling ways.

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