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MOD REQUEST - Earning personal traders

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Hey all,
I had a very simple but great mod request that someone is surely able to create. I am just stumped that nobody in all these years have requested this.

So, if you look at a game like Terraria then you can "earn" that merchants/traders will live with you. This would be amazing for vintage story as well. Consider this:
You have to meet the housing requirements for the merchant, so the right room size, 2 windows, a door, a bed, a table and chair.. Then you need to place a chest in that room that is going to be the location that the trader will spawn at. Inside this chest needs to be very specific items (and amount) for that particular trader to appear.

This way you can build a town and EARN traders coming to live with you and it's not just a simple worldedit.

So for the clothing trader to arrive you need:
10x Flax twine
3x Red cloth
3x Blue cloth
3x Green cloth
1x Temporal gear

Something like this... not too hard but certainly not too easy either.
Maybe we can come up with what each trader need to be spawned, together!!

what do my fellow Vintarians think a bout this?

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I guess its a start.

Personally, unless the game is going really badly, I only buy cheese from the ag trader(s) since it takes way too long to domesticate milkers,  and  the RA map. So I probably wouldn't use it.

Ideally, I'd prefer the first steps to be making houses for guys to raise your crops, or tend to your chickens, or cook food, or to build their variants on houses to attract more NPCs, millers to make flour, bakers to make bread and pies, etc.  Using materials that you drop off in their homes.

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