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Engineering, Electricity, Circuits (from mechanical to digital, essentially turing completion) (Or a Redstone analog)

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The idea is simple:

Implementing simple primitive voxels, that can be used to build complex machinary and circuits. The Players ingenuity being the only hurdle.

I want to be able to build a computer in this game. I'm imagining:

  • A dynamo to produce electricity
  • (Copper-) wire, conducting electricity
  • Transistors, allowing to build NOT-Gates.
  • LED's or colourful voxels, that light up once a current runs through them.

Preferably all of these on the small dimensions of voxels including the whole three dimensional space. Allowing me to build at least various simple logic gates and even stack them within a block.

Yeah... I really want to build a computer, dawg!

That's all I'm asking! Peace!



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All you are really missing are NOT gates. All the rest are simply fluids. Instead of LEDs, you have waterfalls.

You are going to be limited by worldheight. With signal being lost after 3 blocks, you have to continue logic on the next lower level.  Though if you had a way to transfer the signal back up, you could use it to start a cascade from worldheight again for a more involved computation.

You could use an Archimides screw attached to a massively tall set of axles. All it would take is some kind of waterwheel to turn those axles if the circuit has water flowing past it.


Oh, wait, with a waterwheel, you could also maybe do a NOT. Depends on how the Archimides screw works. (No, never played with it.) If it even reduces the flow from a running water, so that instead of flowing the normal 3 tiles, it only flows 2 from a source, you also have a NOT. All you are missing in that case would be the waterwheel. I can't think of anything that would serve without that. Unless, maybe waterfalls in front of a windmill blocked the wind?



You know, it would be really cool to see a lava-based computer. Slow as all heck, but just imagine all those lavafalls from worldheight changing as their gates flip. I could spend hours just watching it count in BCD.



Ooh, or if there were some way of toggling clutches, maybe you could have a wind-based computer.


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This has pretty much being ruled out by the dev team for the foreseeable future (which according to Tyron is something like "a decade of development backlog").

However, a modder could implement something like this, with enough ambition.

Perhaps it's time to learn modding, @Xenomorphilo? ;)

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