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Rebalance and custom world sizes patch #2 (v1.11.3, v1.11.4)

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Dear Community
v1.11.3, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

A few more tweaks here, a few more fixes there so we can have awesome game-play everywhere \o/

[Edit:] Also released v1.11.4 to fix a crash when attempting to create a new world with the standalone game server!



Game updates

  • Tweak: Quern can now also be powered from the bottom
  • Tweak: Hoppers no longer pull items from a container above them. Use chutes for that.
  • Tweak: Updated trader buying/selling lists. The commodities and survival goods trader now have a much larger stock of halite
  • Tweak: Updated all language files
  • Tweak: Doubled the default land claiming allowance
  • Tweak: Wooden gears now make a creaky wood sound when turning
  • Tweak: Flour, Lime, Salt and Bonemeal now dissolves thrown in water
  • Fixed: Automated Quern rotating in the wrong direction
  • Fixed: Removing and replacing a part of a mechanical power train caused the now reconnected part to not turn
  • Fixed: Armor durability was deduced based on the deducted damage and not the incoming damage. Armor durability will now go down more significantly
  • Fixed: Jerkin had the same grid recipe as leather armor. Also crafting jerkin was more expensive than intended
  • Fixed: Windmill blades wrongly oriented again

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