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Me and my dad playing Vintage Story together ^_^


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As some of you guys already know, me and my dad have been very passionate Minecraft players since beta. Few things we always enjoyed to do is building our bases, outposts, long railway connections (with lots of sightseeing possibilities) and mining. My dad favors tunnel mining when he plays alone, but when together - we do a lot and lot of caving. I always wished caving would be much more dangerous, caves go deeper and resources less abundant / harder to get.

Now the future looks bright! We're taking small steps but we'll never stop going forwards. :)  While one by one challenging features are going to be added, me and my dad created a new world, settled in and started building. These few weeks have been amazing! We got the first impressions of surviving, tested how difficult / easy certain things were. Lots and lots of balancing ahead to be done for sure! ^_^

The experience of this journey is definitely something I would like to share, who knows, maybe somebody else besides me will find it interesting! :D 


After some exploring and gathering basic food for surviving, we build our very first "classical" storage house around 100 blocks from spawn point. 



Getting our garden expanded. Our food stacks are overflowing... :D



...and we are drowning in berry bushes!



Mining was so painfully slow. Still is! Waiting for bronze age and annoying the hell out of my lovely husband to start working on alloys, smelting in vessels and molds. :x




That's all for today, but I will occasionally keep updating our progress.
Not that it matters, but back then, when we used to play Minecraft, I wrote journal of few hilarious adventures of how stupidly we died and then ventured several thousand blocks back to retrieve our belongings and yea... died again. I wrote a lot about building, went into very boring technical detail. Then I wrote about our endless butterfly chasing fun, finding rare species, collections etc. Those wonderful times.... :x 
So yea. I have no idea what awaits me many years from now, but if there is one thing I'm sure of - finding this post again and reading it will be the day of epic win! 

My very best greetings to all of You,
Saraty ^_^

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Please do continue posting....charming stuff. My wife and I have played quite a bit and share stories of our adventures......the death chest under the lava in the Nether with diamond gear and Ghasts patrolling overhead.....the zombie that stole my rail car and left it 7000 blocks away.....it was a blast and I am sure there will be more to come in VintageStory........cheerio from Canada.

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