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Mads Søby

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Honestly, i don't think smoking is a top priority right now.

If you do want it in your game i would think you either make a Mod for it or find someone who makes a Mod for you.

Not saying that it is a bad idea, but there is literally TONS of things that i would rather see get implemented.

But if someone makes a mod for it, it might as well be a big one with not only smoking but all kinds of... recreation. While i don't touch that stuff IRL i do think halucinating or getting drunk inside a game can be quite fun.

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Okay. I just think it would be a Very simple feature to add, and a nice thing to do in the evening as the last thing before you go to bed. Plus its practical to have more ways to pass time. Hallucinations could be reserved for other kinds of tobacco, or mushrooms found down in the deep dark caves. Honestly, hallucinations are Really not that important. Might be a Funny side thing if you eat the Wrong berries, as a side effect of being poisoned.

But i honestly think it would be Nice to have more ways to pass time, waiting for crops to grow and the night to pass. And it would be immersive. Also, the jungle could do with some more usefull plants, considering its a jungle.

Maybe Also SPICES, to upgrade a simple meal to a hearty one, using less ressources. 

But its just an Idea. I just enjoy the "simple" tribal means. 

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