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Animals refuse to eat from troughs


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I made this post on monday https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/1730-do-chicken-get-saturation-levels-like-pigs/

Now all other Animals refuse to eat from troughs too, except boars. Rams make the eating sound without actually consuming anything.

I generated another world, spawned everything necessary in creative mode and the issue persists.

I reverted to version 1.12.6 where it used to work, generated a new world and the issue persists.

I updated to version v1.12.9-rc.1 again and went back to places I did animal keeping succesfully and guess what, the sows and ewes I left there eat from troughs as usual.

How is that even possible? Please Help!

Still no mods. Haven´t messed around with the game files. Singleplayer. Win7

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Its working again. I set the time speed to 2400 and waited and after 9-10 days, my gen2 sow started to eat from the troughs. But I have no idea why it took over 10 days before it starts eating after it became an adult. I usually play at game speed 30.

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